12 Commitments That Will Create An Enlightened Life

Written by Jafree Ozwald

The following 12 Commitments I've kept sacred in my life since 2001. I feel they have exponentially opened my heart to life, expanded my consciousness and increased my ability to attract the life of my dreams. I feel so passionately about these commitments that I want to share them with you below...enjoy!!

1. I always decide to accept, approve, love, and appreciate myself exactly as I am no matter what the situation or experience I am going through.

2. I remain centered and at peace with myself whenever others are not.

3. I ONLY do inspired actions in my life. I listen to my inner voice on what actions to take and follow it with complete trust. 

4. I explore each experience in life (especially those that trouble me) with a gentle compassionate energy, and a childlike curiosity.

5. I choose to think positively about everything. I replace heavy hard thoughts with light and flexible thinking. For example thoughts that begin with, “I need to, I have to, I've got to, I should, I could, and I would”, are immediately replaced with, “I'd love to, I want to, I get to, I can, I will, and I am!”

6. I always replace worry with wonder until I feel my life becoming wonder-full!

7. I have healthy boundaries with respect to the demands of others and can easily say NO to someone who may try to make me feel victimized, taken advantage of, or dis-empowered in any way.

8. I am independent of the good and bad opinions of other people.

9. I speak ONLY positive empowering statements about others and myself.

10. I exercise, meditate, eat healthy, and get enough sleep at least 6 days per week.

11. I easily create life-long fulfilling relationships which allow my heart and mind to be open to fully accepting and even loving every person and situation that comes my way.

12. I am 100% committed to practicing these commitments no matter what happens for the rest of my life!

"If you can't see God in all, you can't see God at all." ~Unknown

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