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"I cannot thank you enough. I can say that  I am alive today because of the timely support given to me during my darkest and lowest moments by the "Enlightened Beings Team". I owe you all a lot and you are always welcome to use my words as testimony for it's the truth that since Enlightened Beings came in my life I have truly awakened. Lots of blessings from my heart to you all."

~ Chandrika


Receive daily email support from the Enlightened Beings Team to help with personal situations, relationship issues, work issues, spiritual challenges, or any intimate problems that you are challenged by. We will support you each day to create inner peace with any situation that you are encountering. 

Your personal online coach will respond to you at least once per 24 hours, answering your questions, offering essential personal guidance, giving you "homework" assignments and assisting you with transforming your life!

This is a month long online coaching experience which will boost your vibration and bring more relief into your life! The feedback you'll receive during this time will help you into creating more time, energy, motivation, more positive attitude and developing a higher consciousness.

You'll also receive assistance in applying the information inside our Super Manifesting Program and 8 Habits Manifesting Routine. We are ready to offer you the most practical essential secrets to uncover your most enlightened manifesting mindset! 

This online coaching experience will ignite that hidden power inside of you, and enable you to naturally manifest what your heart truly desires into your world.

"Thank you Ernie for saving me at a moment when I could have ended my life but I didn't because you sent one timely email which made me see light during a dark moment and reading your personal story gave me strength."

~With love, Chandrika


What we can help you with is...

  • Improving your attitude and outlook on life

  • Dealing with Depression, Stress Anxiety and Grief

  • Career and Work Problems

  • Relationship Issues

  • Procrastination

  • Anything troubling you

  • Someone who listens fully to you everyday without judgment

This is a personal message from Ernie, who is our
main Enlightened Beings Coach on the team.

"I have had many years of experience motivating and inspiring others to improve themselves according to how they want to be, and have touched people's hearts in the most intimate ways. I've had over 4 years working personally with Jafree and his Super Manifestor program and can FEEL the difference in my own life. The Enlightened Beings Team is powerful, as they work together helping people transform their lives and take a step into a new direction. This online coaching experience is an open door for anyone to come in and express themselves with full vulnerability and confidence. Everybody needs someone they can open up to without fear of judgment or criticism, just being open and understanding.  This is who we are!" ~Ernie

To begin, simply fill out this Reservation Form below. You'll soon discover how easy it is to manifest the situations you desire in relationship, money, career and the body of your dreams!

You can have the personal support you need...


Daily Email Coaching

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Receive Daily Email Coaching
from the Enlightened Beings Team!

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"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light." ~Plato


"Enlightenment is like a magical seed buried deep inside you.  It just needs a little water, light and nutrients to grow!  Make some time to nourish this enlightening seed and feel its radiance blossom all throughout your life." ~Jafree Ozwald


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