A Guided Inner Journey to Learn How to Listen to Your Inner Financial Guru!


Yes, I'm celebrating life playing in a pile of $20,000! AND YES THOSE ARE ALL $100 NOTES!

Yes, this is me celebrating when I manifested $20,000 in one day! YES THOSE ARE ALL $100 NOTES!

"When I started tuning in and listening to my inner financial guru, he kept telling me several times to specifically to buy the Tesla stock and so I did! Then, it was under $30 then and now is over $200. I am so happy I listened! I fully believe there is a powerful benevolent force that wants us to feel deeply abundant and be fully financially supported for the rest of our lives."

~Jafree Ozwald


Enlighten Your Life by Connecting with Your Inner Financial Guru!

This 19 minute guided audio meditation will dramatically increase your ability to manifest financial abundance!

You're about to go on a powerful meditation journey where you will meet with your inner financial guru and receive the most important answers to your problems, issues an questions around money! 

This experience is designed to help you get in touch with that hidden part of you that intuitively knows how to manifest prosperity with effortless joy and ease.

Doing this mediation, you can uncover your natural financial wisdom and access direct guidance about what actions to take in the physical world which will manifest actual results of wealth and abundance.

Your inner financial guru will also be able to answer your most challenging financial situation, showing you exactly the steps to take to master your current financial situation, and give you a step-by-step plan on HOW to become financially free!

What you will experience...

  • Meeting and creating an empowering relationship with your own personal enlightened financial guru on your inner world!
  • Increased confidence in your ability to become financially free and how to naturally attract more wealth to you!
  • Increased intuition to help you know which inspired action steps to take to create financial abundance in your life!

Benefits from this guided meditation include:

  • Reframing your financial programming so that you are always guided towards creating prosperity instead of poverty.
  • Cranking up your inner "abundance dial" so that your mind and body vibrates and physically attracts a higher frequency of wealth.
  • Anchoring in feelings of being more confident, powerful, wealthy, trusting and financially wise.
  • The ability to access specific financial guidance when you really need it.
  • An empowering relationship with money!



Learn How to Increase Your
Financial Intuition

Are you experiencing any type of poverty consciousness in your life? Do you ever feel unsure of yourself when it comes to making financial decisions? Do you ever wonder what action steps to take in order to make more money?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you would deeply benefit from practicing this manifesting meditation.  Most people in this world have challenges with money, and many feel that they cannot trust their ability to make prosperous choices. If you are financially struggling in any way, and have doubted your ability to make the right financial choices, you can learn how to trust your financial intuition and manifest ONLY abundant outcomes in your financial future.

Why people make poor financial choices is that our own natural inner knowing often gets covered up by other people's ideas, beliefs and their relationships with money.    We all have been unconsciously programmed with "poverty thinking" from listening to friends, family, parents, teachers, or others who are not financially abundant and free. We can become so fearful with greed and need that we cannot hear what our highest intuition is telling us to do.

The good news is that EVERYONE already has an inner financial guru that is just waiting to give guidance.  That's right, your guide is already inside you now, the next step is learning how to access it.  Practicing this connection everyday will allow you to manifest greater financial success and create real financial freedom!

Even in the first meeting with your inner financial guru you can hear specific advice that is pertinent to creating an immediate abundant outcome in your future. The more confidence you have in yourself, the less you need to rely on other people for answers.  You can fully trust what your heart and soul are telling you to do!

The greatest discovery is finding this deep wisdom inside that is always correct and never ever wrong.  It is highly intuitive, psychic and can perceive the future exactly as it will manifest.  It is more powerful than anything you have ever imagined. All it takes is learning how to trust it. This is the secret to success.  When you know how to tap into it and use this infinite supply of financial wisdom that is always at your fingertips!

Using this guided meditation daily for 21 days in a row, you can emerge from the experience with a NEW connection to your financial inner guru. Feelings of financial intuition, abundance, and freedom will start showing up in your life! Most importantly, you will re-connect with your natural state of prosperity, trusting your infinite intelligence, and stop doubting your ability to manifest abundance into your life! It can happen, in a few short weeks you can turn around a challenging financial situation completely. It's your time to shine and know that whatever you want in your life can and will be yours!

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Enlighten Your Life by Connecting with Your Inner Financial Guru!

The Guided Meditation to Meeting your Inner Financial Guru!

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