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On February 16th, 1970 in La Junta, Colorado, I was born under the name Jeffrey Grant Oswald.  I spent most my childhood bouncing around like Tigger, asking questions that most adults couldn't answer such as, "What are we all doing here?"

I was always asking people these intimate questions about life, wondering and pondering what created the odd, bizarre, and "super-natural" people of this world.  I feel it was this deep curiosity to know the Truth that awakened my intuitive gifts and first brought me into seeing my spiritual path.

This Universe has been completely amazing and intriguing to me and continues to remain this way to this day.  As far back as I can remember, I have always had a deep curiosity about this world, and this feeling that our mind and body were the greatest mysteries for us to experience, celebrate, and explore.   

At 12 years old I began noticing these intuitive abilities started to develop as I was able to see "through" people, meaning beyond their facade of false words and fake faces.  I could really sense and know exactly what was really going on inside them underneath it all.

 I was learning how to listen through a bigger filter, and felt this wider perception and viewpoint of the Universe about them.  It was as if I was wearing a "Spiritual Hearing Aid" that simply listened to the Truth.  I always heard what was really communicated by tuning into the silence between their words.

My mom once told me that I was a Pokka-dotted fish swimming with a school of striped bass.  So I got my head knocked around a lot in football (that should have woke me up), and all I wanted was some Enlightened Being to fall in love with, to trust and just be interested in the real me.  I just wanted the feeling that somebody "got me", not some ridiculous touchdown that really never counted for anything.  

My first glimpse of a "spiritual awakening" came to me June 1988, on graduation day from High School.  My parents were trying to inspire me to go to college, yet I wanted to go to Norway and be with this beautiful exchange student I went to prom with.  So I was either going to acquire a University degree in Indiana, travel the world with no money, or live at home and work a 9 to 5 job at the local Jiffy Lube. 

I could not choose, so I surrendered to existence.  There was this "merging" of my mind and the physical reality all around me, and had this very STRONG knowing that I was free to do anything!  It was the first time I felt that I had magical manifesting abilities.  I remember hearing something my father once said about "anything is possible".  I felt the future was wide open to something amazing because there was something guiding me...

It's amazing how the Universe always knows the bigger picture and has our highest interest in mind.  My parents encouraged me to attend this little Mennonite College in Indiana where they met, so I did.  I lasted about 3 months before they tried to kick me out for partying to hard (this was a Mennonite college) and thankfully ended up going on their study/service abroad program in Costa Rica.  This is where I encountered my first miraculous mystical being named Carlos.  He was the first person I met who could actually stop his mind and be fully present. 

His silence was soooo deep inside that he kept listening intently to my yearning for Truth even after I was done speaking.  He had this super warm heart and it felt like God was speaking through him.  Each of the answers he had to my questions were real, authentic and from the heart.  He knew without words how to show me exactly what we are all looking for.  He introduced me to silence between the heartbeats where I found an Infinite Source of peace and love inside my soul.

My first out-of-body experience happened after picking coffee beans in Costa Rica one hot lazy afternoon.  During a typical nap on a very hard couch I became so relaxed (and yet conscious enough) that I fell out of my body and INTO the couch!  I suddenly snapped back into my body thinking I couldn't breathe inside the wood and springs which brought me to my first experiential realization that who I really was... not the mind and not this body.

After 3 months in Costa Rica, I came back home to Colorado and had the most amazing enlightening lucid dream.  Carlos, myself and a crowd of people were all gathered around a being that I knew and could feel was Jesus.  The circles were 20 people deep around him, yet it did not matter how close you were, his sweet permeating love and exquisite peace was just as strong when you focused in his direction.  It was like every crack and crevice in your being was being filled with total love. 

In the few moments that I was with Jesus I absorbed his unconditional love for everything and this infinite acceptance into my heart, returning back to my body with these sensations on awakening.  This energy felt so good, so warm, and sooooo powerful that you could not do anything but melt into it.  This is what I practiced for the next 6 months. 

Life felt like my body was physically dissolving and transforming from experiencing this Divine Love and gentle tender heart-warming energy.  My feelings were being continuously bathed in a healing pool of energy this one encounter.  I realized this amazing love was in everything and in everyone, everywhere I went.  The unconditional loving feeling still remains in my heart everywhere I am to this day.

In 1993 I decided to move to Norway to be with the Norwegian girl I went to prom night with in High School.  She was the love of my life and within a few years we decided to get married.  She was a great being to catalyze the profound spiritual changes that were about to manifest within me.  I remember my first Norwegian spiritual awakening began one cold Norwegian evening in September of 1993. 

We were out on the town (in Oslo) and I had met this random guy at a party who was really drunk.  He started talking to me about committing suicide that night because he girlfriend didn't love him.  I could see through his game, illusions and despair and felt this deeper yearning to be free.  I decided to leave our group of friends and stay up with him till 5 a.m. trying to talk him into living.  I had never done anything like this with anyone before in my life, yet I felt this VERY deep strong urge to save this man's life. 

After 4 hours of listening, he was tired of talking and said he wouldn't kill himself that evening, so I went home to go to bed.  About 35 minutes later I was awakened by a telephone call from America.  The voice on the phone said, "Your father just committed suicide you must come home immediately."  I was so shocked that it didn't hit me until days later that my father was the man I was so desperately trying to save that exact same night, from the other side of the world.  For the next year I began the most intense soul searching and self-inquiry in my entire life.   I kept asking the question  "Who am I?" and "What do I really want to do with my life now?" 

My life became this forever questioning clueless path of fluctuating anger and depression.  I was doubting every decision I made about myself, shunned my closest friends advice, and rejected what everyone "knew" in the world.  I felt like I was a ship completely lost at sea.  I prayed that I would find my previous peaceful mindset that knew, "Life is an Infinite adventure merging with the Divine within."  It is only now that I understand how feeling lost is the fuel for creating the greatest inward adventure there can be. 

At 23 years old I was introduced to Siddha Yoga and the amazing force of energy in the body called the Kundalini.  I began experimenting with focusing on the base of my spine for long periods of time, and great surges of tremendous energy and altered states of consciousness would explode through me.  I was amazed at the actual power hidden with each human body, I had to know more! The powers of the Yogis excited me.  I had to find out why Levitation was possible for the Yogi's, and what all this had to do with my spiritual awakening. 

For the next 3 years learning how to levitate became my quest, passion and reason for living life.  I meditated daily, sometimes for hours at a time, trying to bring the mind into a one-pointed focus, a stillness of awareness that could remain fixed on one thing.  The ability to hold the mind still is what gives us power and freedom over the physical world.  I saw this as some spiritual Olympic training program that would empower me to fly. I was deeply inspired by a book called, How To Levitate which became my bible at the time.  For many months I desperately tried to meditate and create enough vital energy (Chi) inside myself to lift my physical body an inch or two. 

 I knew it was possible because within that same year I was introduced to three people in three different countries who had actually Levitated.  Two of them could float 3 feet above the ground for several minutes when they were young, and the other still flies around like superman to this day.  The more I realized how real this phenomena was, my doubting skeptical scientific researcher inside began to relax and see that anything was truly possible.  What I didn't know was that I was practicing ancient breathing techniques that moved the Kundalini energy up and down my spine. 

The desire to awaken this flying power challenged everyone and brought soooo many questions into my consciousness.  It eventually led me to India where I got to meet a man named H.W.L. Poonja (or Papaji).  He never gave me the secrets to flying, yet pointed me towards something even more amazing than attaining supernatural powers.  Papaji directed me inside my innermost being, to discover the path of Self-Realization.

    I thought I was in charge of my mind (and my life) before I met Papaji. Now I understand that idea is yet another mind game and ego trip.  It was 7 days after my birthday in 1995, in Lucknow India, where my mind stretched beyond anything I could ever imagine or comprehend.  I had a spiritual awakening experience that transformed my life forever, and brought about what enlightenedbeings.com is today.

It happened one hazy morning in the Satsang Hall where Papaji was offering his talks to 200+ people.  He walked into the room and I took a picture of him without his permission.  He gave me a look that could kill a small animal!  This intense energy squeezed my heart until I thought it was going to pop and I would die.  I apologized immediately and as soon as he left the room, I stood up and this atomic bomb exploded throughout my entire mind, body and being.

The silence after this inner explosion literally stopped my mind from thinking that IT was charge of thinking, doing, acting, talking, being etc.  There was nothing and no one left.  Only a small witness of existence who was ONE with everyone and everything.  Thoughts still happened, yet "I" was no longer behind the steering wheel of them and they were not nearly as intriguing as this peaceful super quiet Presence inside. 

From then on, everywhere I went in Lucknow was amazingly orgasmic.  Life was truly heaven on earth without being identified with this separate individual "me" but rather seeing I was unified with the one Universal Being.  I was in direct communication with the Divine, through everyone and everything.  This experience lasted for the next several weeks to come and became the first of many spiritually transforming experiences that have shape shifted my life. 

Life after Samadhi was like the most loving conscious healing acid trip you could ever imagine.  Everything I experienced was directly connected to the pure Infinite Source, untainted by the Ego's agenda, or the mind's filter of words and judgment.  Existence became crystal clear, and everyone I met was actually illuminating with this higher vibration and spiritual essence of God-like energy.

My entire life direction completely changed after this spiritual awakening as I discovered a level of inner peace, love and freedom that was unending.  I no longer became trapped in the suffering that was created by the mind because I realized I am not the mind.  I am the pure awareness and light of unbounded eternal consciousness.  Yet, the mind and its past karmic patterns acts much like a wild stubborn elephant who often tries to regain control.  So I realize even though I've only tasted Samadhi there is still MUCH more to understand, experience, learn and integrate on a conscious and energetic level.   I have my entire life to master this mind and integrate this enlightening experience. 

I returned to Norway where I was living at the time, and found myself constantly drawn back to the magical mystical land of India. So in December of 1995, I signed up for a meditation retreat with a group of 300 people in a little town called Bodhgaya. This is the town where Buddha attained Enlightenment under the enormous ancient Bodhi tree.  The energy in this place is totally amazing!

 After 10 days of meditating (twice a day), I had my second Samadhi experience.  It was absolute indescribable bliss, 52 hours of pure conscious connection to The Cosmic Source and its Infinite Light energy, Love and Universal Awareness.  This experience was a much different than the one before, for I had no need or desire to eat, sleep, think or drink anything for two and a half days!  Honestly, I don't even think I really needed to breathe!  I had more physical energy and psychic knowledge of everything and everyone in existence than I ever imagined was humanly possible.  Every person I met was like an open book which I could read instantly in a few seconds from beginning to end!  Unknowingly, I had awakened a few Siddhi powers through these long deep meditations, and the physical world became a playground for effortless manifestation. 

I remember testing out the limits of what was possible in this state of consciousness.  I was sitting on top of a vendor's roof in town and "asking" one lonely cloud in the sky to form a donut around the sun.  In about 10 minutes, it became a perfectly round donut where the sun shined through the hole onto me and remained there for several minutes.  I also remember sitting at a restaurant and telepathically calling a lonely cow from a quarter a mile away.  About 15 minutes later she was standing right in front of me, greeting me. 

I remember just hanging out around the meditation tent and having the desire to know what my past lives were.  In a few minutes I experienced an intense flash of millions of years of lifetimes where my consciousness had participated in life in the form of a rock, plant, animal, human, etc).  Everything in the Universe was available, in the glimmer of an instant. I knew in detail what people were thinking before they would say anything. 

 I could feel a magical energy inside me and all around me everywhere I went.  Every moment of life in Samadhi is like the divine nectar of existence dripping onto your tongue.  You are always having a personal conversation with the Divine Universal Intelligence.  Constantly unraveling your ego, releasing the ideas of who you think you are, letting it all go and bathing in the light of your true eternal essence.

Even though these glimpses of supernatural power were utterly amazing, what intrigued me even more was the path of Enlightenment.  I realized that once you reach a certain level of spiritual evolution, you cannot go back.  You can try to play small and pretend you're not the God Source, yet the Divine always invites you back in lovingly.

It was this 2nd trip to India that a very strong message came to me quite clearly saying I had the option of dedicating my life to freedom and further enlightenment.  I heard the name pronounced JAH-FREE, and the meaning behind it said, "You are God and God is pure unbounded freedom!"   I decided when I returned to Boulder, Colorado in 1997 I would legally change my name to "Jafree" to provide some devotional roots to this new awakening path.

I want you to know that I realize the supernatural phenomena and spiritually awakening experiences in no way dictate that "I am enlightened".  Just because someone has a few enlightening experiences does not mean they are fully "enlightened" and finished learning.  If you're alive you're not done, and if you've been blessed to have a spiritual awakening you've just begun.  I like to think of it as an initiation into the eternal "enlightening process" of dissolving the ego, which is simply experiencing everyday life in a constant state of love, lightness and wonder.

On a side note, please know that the entire enlightenedbeings.com website is not about me and calling myself an "enlightened being".  This site is simply to bring attention to that Enlightening State of Being within yourself and knowing that this potential exists within every human being on this planet. There is still sooo much still to learn here and that I often feel I have just started on the spiritual path.

I have risen out of and fallen back into unconsciousness many times since my first awakening.  I realize this is part of the deep process of releasing our past karmic patterns and grounding this new enlightened state into the body.  The collective consciousness of everyday society often has difficulty accepting the enlightened path. 

The ego loves thinking its in control and doesn't ever want to lose power.  Yet, once you meditate enough and reach the higher states of consciousness, you realize you have access to an infinite source of love, energy, intelligence and power.  You will see that you cannot get off this path once its been found.  There is simply nothing as amazing to compare. 

I now understand that what each soul has come to earth to learn is so vast and unbelievable.  We are here to constantly realize our true Self IS the God Self.  There is no separation.  It is the judgmental mind that creates all illusion and eventually suffering.  It takes an incredible amount of devotion to releasing the ego and the years of positive and negative beliefs it has to reach Samadhi and truly be at peace 24/7 within one's deepest core essence. 

Sure, you may meditate until you're blue in the face and can have many Samadhi experiences in this life, yet the great masters tell us one cannot be considered fully "Enlightened" until they've reached Nirvikalpa Samadhi which takes about 6 hours of pure undiluted consciousness in deep meditation (meaning there are no other thoughts entering the mind).

We were all born with the capacity for enlightenment.  We are here to explore this truly Infinite core of our Being that has such a deep and profound sense of Oneness with everything, and yet is also profoundly free from Everything.  We simply need to to the easiest thing possible.  Relax!  Rest deeply in what is beneath the mind, beyond the mind, and at the very core essence.  This effortless approach is the only way to fully uncover this awesome Divinity inside.  Enlightenment is the Mt Everest of human experiences and is only discovered on the path of meditation, surrender and self-inquiry. 

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 In my past I've had many experiences with drugs, alcohol and being deeply lost in attachment to money, sex, relationships, possessions of the material world.  I know each addiction created this experience of falling back asleep so that I could later reawaken from the 3D dream.  At this point in my journey its obvious that the more time I allow myself to be nothing, do nothing, and rest as the conscious witness of a deeply quiet mind, the more magical life becomes and unfolds effortlessly in the most synchronistic ways. 

For several months after India I continued to communicate with the Universal Intelligence intimately. This time it was much more personal and revealing than before.  It was actually speaking to me.  Personal information about my life came through all kinds of different avenues like people, animals, clocks and even radio advertisements. There was this sacred communion and connection with this Infinite consciousness and always present Intelligence everywhere I was.

In the Spring of '97, my marriage with my Norwegian wife Elisabeth had fallen apart.  We divorced and I went through the 2nd greatest pain in my life.  I felt an extremely strong pull to leave Norway and move back to Boulder Colorado where I had received my B.A. in Psychology in 1992 at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  I decided to become a certified hypnotherapist with The Alchemy Institute.  This was where I met my next partner Margot Zaher.

We both had moved from Europe to Boulder that same summer, decided to go to the same hypnotherapy school, and live in the same apartment building in Boulder!  These 3 huge synchronicities made me realize we were meant to do something profound together.  It is vital that you realize that nothing...absolutely nothing is by chance, accident or coincidence...ever!

After several months of practicing hypnotherapy, I felt myself being drawn to work with my Osho Zen Tarot cards for a psychic hotline in Denver.  It was funniest way to make money, the most interesting job I've ever had, and forced me to expand my perception of reality. There I learned how to work with people over the phone as I gave readings to thousands of people from all around the USA.

Margot and I soon discovered this was a very unusual enlightening relationship and decided to move in together, .  About 5 years later we married and went into business together.  In 2004, we took a year to co-write The Manifesting Manual and created a way to teach people how to easily and effortlessly manifest their dream life.  I wrote 3 other books and recorded 12 Manifesting Meditations to go with which became the birth of the Super Manifesting Program. 

Within a few months we started finding phenomenal results with people who would voluntarily tell us how they attracted miraculous manifestations such as a half million dollars with our program.  Since then I receive an email of deep gratitude and appreciation almost daily, and have hundreds of testimonials what people have manifested. 

The people who manifested these amazing results devoted 90 days (or less) of their lives to following the manifesting secrets I discovered in India.  They discovered they could raise their "Manifesting Vibration" to the point where they were physically attracting whatever our heart desired.  If this interests you, please take the time to Sign up and Experience this enlightening online program.

Even though everyone is experiencing tremendous results from applying these powerful manifesting secrets, I realized there is something much more precious and important in life than acquiring things of the material world.  I wanted to help awaken the entire planet to this enlightening level of consciousness.   I wanted each human being to know how they could empower and enlighten themselves.  So I started to write enlightening email articles and offered them to everyone for free!  The outcome was incredible. These daily Enlightened Messages gave birth to a whole new level of consciousness in the matrix. Everyday,  I still receive some kind of email of gratitude about my weekly enlightening articles and free enlightening emails.

I believe that when we are living from our highest vibration and consciousness, we naturally find our life's true purpose and begin to effortlessly manifest the life of our dreams. When we leave it all up to a higher power to move through us, this is what living in Samadhi is all about. 

This life is a spiritual exploration at the core of it all. It's about fully revealing and enjoying who (or what) is creating every divine moment of this living existence.  We are each here to find that Source within us which constantly liberates us from all suffering and empowers us to manifest anything we desire.

In my youth I would have told you that we have absolute power to control our destiny and make life always turn out exactly the way we want it to.  As I mature, I've realized that this ideology isn't the most desirable one to have.  There is something much bigger than our egoic desires that is creating our destiny. 

We all live in a dualistic world that's brimming with extremes of good/evil, right/wrong, happy/sad, fear/trust, night/day, man/woman, ego/God, the list goes on forever. In this search for freedom from the prison of the paradox, I always found that everything in the Universe has a polar opposite or complimentary position which allows for its existence.

 With this said, the idea that we have "free will" must also imply that "pre-destination" must also exist as complementary force to balance it out.  It has been one of my greatest life lessons to learn how to let go of manifesting what I desire and allow my life's destiny to unfold as it needs to.  There is always something guiding us that is much deeper than what our conscious mind can grasp. 

It was the summer of 2007 that this pre-destined moment in my life took a turn that I never would have guessed.  I was being pulled again to deepen my spiritual path, and release my attachment to my ego.  The result was that I needed to remove myself from the busy American lifestyle and move back to Hawaii.

Margot and I had decided to go our separate ways, and upon my 2nd divorce in life, I had to discover a level of compassion and forgiveness for myself that I never knew was possible.  It was the most challenging decision I'd have to make in my life.  I felt for the first time that every major spiritual event we've signed up for is pre-destined to happen, and there is nothing we can do to change the course of the soul's highest path and destiny.

If there's one thing I can share with you that I learned about relationships, its that love never ever dies.  To this day Margot and I are still great friends who respect each others path and life mission.  I discovered there IS such a great thing as an "enlightened divorce" where gentleness, kindness and friendship always take the highest priority.  Sure, the victimized ego can always make up a story and cover it with judgment, fear and the illusion of separation.  The truth is that the Source of Love that was shared is always there and needs to be respected. 

After almost 4 years of paradise beaches in Kauai, I was being pulled again by Spirit to travel around the world. I lived in Australia, Sweden and then Bali over the next 5 years. I felt my life began to take on the juicy flavor of being a galactic citizen living in a global community.

When I look back at my life, there is nothing could have prepared me for the moment when I fell in love with the woman who would become my next partner. Mira Malin was an amazing Dakini who taught me how to feel into my deepest darkness, touch the core of my life's pain, and bring the deeply sensitive vulnerable real me into the world. This deep vulnerability opened up a deep tantric presence inside of me. I now see that this was the reason why my soul was being pulled to move to the other side of the world. 

The moment our bodies touched I knew we were passionate lovers in past lives together. There was this great depth and natural spark of Tantric Magic in our connection. We were both devoted to awakening our Kundalini together through the art of conscious Enlightened Sex. Since we met, the connection has always been spiritually sound, supremely deep and it felt like we have a real spiritual mission being together. 

Mira and I lived in Bali and traveled the world together for several years learning (as if for the first time in my life) how to create a truly deep mature spiritual/sexual relationship. Mira helped me to see, feel and reveal all my hidden karmic wounds around relaxing into my darkness. She helped me to root my soul in the deepest pain and find the highest levels of compassion and love.

The heart is such an amazing spiritual guide, perhaps the only real guide. The heart summons the soul to relax, breathe deeper, and explore where we can be more compassionate and loving. It's always communicating about how to trust, how to be with each emotionally painful experience that arises.  

My heart has been broken open sooo many times in relationships with women I have loved so deeply that it now simply does not close. It remains open no matter what happens. I've found that when you fully open yourself up to God through your partner, the Kundalini energy can ignite a sort of "heart orgasm" which has become the most amazing experience of my life.

These tantric experiences have inspired me to bring my male/female energies together to blend the worlds of tantra, manifesting, spirituality and enlightenment and create a Tantric Connection Workshop. Here people can experience a safe container to open up and heal their sexuality, and discover an enlightened path to merge with the Divine within our heart and spirit. Through these deeply intimate healing experiences I am discovering the world in a whole new light. One that requires that I listen to and feel the heart of God on a much deeper level.

It seems no matter what we do, life continues to evolve. My tantric connection with life itself seems to be the most powerful, heart opening, sensually healing path I've discovered to deepen my spiritual connection and how to be with all the pain and addictions that I have experienced throughout my life. All the loss, the feelings of isolation, separation, and loneliness all become the compost to force the soul to grow fully through Tantra. The appearance of love leaving me has created such a deep yearning to go deeper with God.

When the whole emotional body, sensuality, sexuality, and heart is involved in this moment of life, there is nothing left but reverence. It is this pain inside us which makes the love that we are here to feel so powerful. When pain is included, it gives an entirely new definition to the meaning 'ecstasy'.  It becomes a deep feeling that is rooted in God, in our soul and the Universe.

 Every day I suffer because I am so very human. I try to live each day in continual gratitude and reverence for everything in this life, because I know it is all sooooo very temporary. I am always listening to my Spirit Guide. Asking for help as often as I can remember to ask. And this great spiritual guidance inside us is never ever wrong. It will tell you when its time to do nothing, just listen or when you must take action. I continue to make this choice to trust in this quiet voice inside and explore this amazing tantric connection with life that we are all here to experience. 

Deep down I believe and know we are always guided. Everything is guided. There is an intelligence behind everything, thought, action, feeling and breath. Life knows exactly what it came here to do, and we are given the choice to experience whatever desires we have in this world. We can choose the higher path of love and freedom or not. The Universe will always love and support us afterwards.

The opportunity for growth is always here. We can either follow our heart and its inner calling to live in peace, abundance and love... or buy into the ego's fear based illusions of separation, striving for more money, power, and status. I feel our mission is to remember who we are. A soul that is infinite, eternal, and cannot die, which means there truly is no right or wrong path we can take... it just might take a bit longer to arrive home.  The choice is an obvious and an easy one when you realize how beautiful the end result is going to be.

The choice of diving deeper into opening the heart to love is an endless one, and it's one worth choosing over again and again.  I hope that you decide to open up yourself to feel the pain you are carrying inside you, to mulch the compost inside for your spiritual seed to take sprout. There is something that we are here to learn from every human being, website, facebook page, and email we receive. Nothing is by accident or coincidence in this world. We are all connected to and weaved together into something much bigger and deeper than what our minds can fathom.

I hope you received something of value from me sharing about my life. I hope you learned something about yourself and are inspired to live your life to the fullest.  If you would like to thank me for my writing or have something enlightening you wish to share with me, please feel free to contact me.  I am also open to any questions, insights or feedback that you may have.

Personal Manifesting Coach Jafree Ozwald!

 Sending you all my light, love and blessings!





There is a wave of enlightenment already in progress.  The world is simply waiting for YOU my friend... 

When you feel you are ready to join, start with practicing being very quiet, still and resting deeply in your innermost being.

Get curious that you are this God-Source, and it is everywhere around you and within you.  Soon you will realize that within your innermost core you are an eternal being who is infinitely connected to a Source of divine intelligence, unconditional love, magical manifesting power and unlimited creative energy!

This is what awakening is all about...that you are no longer FEEL separate from the qualities of the Divine. 

~Sending much love to you,



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