The Sacred Secrets to Mastering Tantric Sex!


Ancient Tantric Sex Secrets that will Ignite the Passion into your Life Everyday!


Tantric Sex is one of the greatest secret mysteries that mankind can explore. The fine art of sex mastery I believe is #1 missing ingredient that this planet needs, to create a world full of peace, harmony and love.

Sex is something that we were all born with to enjoy and explore. Every human being was born out of an orgasm (at least from the male side) and this orgasmic energy is our very nature. It is connected to the deeper core of who and what we are.

When we become realigned with our core orgasmic nature, something shifts in our consciousness. We see the world with fresh eyes filled with appreciation and joy. The orgasmic energy can open up hidden reserves of energy stored deep in our body, and begin creating a fountain of blissful feelings throughout our day like nothing you've ever experienced before.

Learning to open, trust and channel and harness this deepest core energy is what makes Tantric Sex the most amazing experience in this Universe. It is nothing like normal 5-20 minute "lets get it on while we have time" type of sex. Real tantric sex is an extremely deep spiritual experience.  You feel that spiritual essence inside you is slowly and devotionally being penetrating over a 4-5 hour period of time. The results are nothing but multi-orgasmic! An experience that sends waves of the most healing sensations all throughout your entire life.

Yes, Tantric Sex heals anything, because it's soooo deep it reaches into the cracks and crevices of all the hidden wounds that you've been carrying since childhood. It liberates you and your partner from the immature behaviors you've adopted in your teenage and adult years.  Tantric Sex creates a space where there is nothing but love, a deep a d powerful sacred love, that holds that wounded child inside of us and allows our fearful parts to come out of hiding and meet the possibility of a new joy filled life.

Tantric Sex is like meeting God. It's that feeling of what it would be like if you could have a direct connection with the God Source itself. There is a Divine God/Goddess within everyone, nobody is missing it. Yet, we must first regard it as real, and devote our lives to opening up into it, if it's ever going to come into us.

When we bring our Divine Nature into the bedroom, its not a stagnant space of an old Catholic Church cemetery. It is more like finding a sweet playful innocent map to the heart of each others souls. Through accessing this divine Tantric Connection via our breath, sounds, and intention we can open up this deeper shakti Kundalini energy inside. 

What I feel is the most important essential sex mastery secrets to having amazing Tantric Sex, you'll need to drop into and FEEL that most vulnerable surrendered feminine aspect of yourself. It doesn't matter if you were born a man or are an overly masculinated woman, you will need to tap into your Divine Feminine (your receptive side) in order to open the doors to fully embodied Tantric lovemaking.

Once you find this Divine Feminine connection, you'll want to relax completely into it, so much so that it penetrates every cell of your entire body. It feels like you're surrendering your entire body, mind and life to the all pervading highly penetrating masculine Universe.  When you create such a deep openness, emptiness or vacuum inside you, you magnetize that force to fill it, which causes a true Kundalini Awakening to ascend up your spine.

Tantric Sex awakens your Kundalini, and by awakening your Kundalini you can engage in the most amazing Tantric Sex. They go together like the Sun and its powerful light/heat. When you are even just energetically making love with your partner (pretending you are making love together) and moving into each others energy field feeling moved by a super alive fully activated ignited Kundalini, your actual physical intercourse experience will never be the same.

By initially opening the doors inside your body to receive waves upon waves of Kundalini shakti energy, it takes your orgasm to an entirely new level. No matter if you're a man or woman, the more sensitive and open you are to becoming this Divine Feminine vacuum, these waves of ecstasy will wash through your body and leave the most transcendental hangover in your mind.

Many ancient sex masters have said that Tantric Sex is a path to enlightenment in itself. The practice of sex mastery is a way to drop the mind/ego from running the show,and discover something radically new about who we truly are. The ego dies in each orgasmic experience we have, and when we reach the multi-orgasmic experience from an awakened Kundalini, the ego doesn't have much a chance at surviving.

Tantric Sex is vastly different than any type of "normal sex" in sooo many ways. There is no goal to reach in Tantric Sex. You are not trying to ejaculate or have a contracted clitoris peak. You are softening, deepening and releasing the subtle layers of resistance and control that the ego has, and melting/merging into a state of oneness with existence.

In real Tantric Sex you are meeting your beloved each time as if it was for the very first time. It is in an exploration of each others hearts, souls and Kundalini energy. When you eye gaze or touch each others skin there is this instant natural opening of the sexual channels. The entire spiritual experience tends to navigate itself and occurs soooo slowly, and uncontrollably, because the most sacred powerful experiences in life are hidden behind the deepest mystery.

I have been consciously practicing Tantric Sex since 1997, yet it was not until 2012 that I discovered the energetic roots that were missing. There is this deep reverence for the Divinity in ourselves and the other, which  naturally happens when we get a tiny taste of the divine cosmic orgasms that can occur when two (or more) people are engaged in a long Tantric Sexual exploration.

Making love becomes exactly what the words imply. You are creating LOVE out of the empty space when your bodies and souls touch, that are devoted to deepening their spiritual exploration of the God-Source within each other. Naturally we start seeing the other as a Divine Being when these higher levels of ecstasy are accessed through the others consent.

Personally, in my exploration of Tantric Sex I've found that the best place to start for any beginner (or overly book educated student) is practicing the experience of  Tantric Touch with the other. This is a deep sensual touch that opens access to all the Chakra centers within, especially rooting the base and sex Chakras with the Earth. It is about creating a Tantric Space inside your body, which has a very soft sweet subtle energy in it. This divine space requires ones full presence and attention to feel.

When I touch my partner from this deep Tantric Space inside my body, magic happens inside her body. Her body convulses and shakes with electric shocks, and if we continue for longer she will go into moans and even screaming of ecstasy. The Kundalini energy in my body is tapping to the Earth, and opening up a highway of shakti within her system. It is the best way to open any woman, to "warm her up" before you make mad passionate love to her.

If you'd like more information on how to access this energy you can attend one of my Tantric Retreats, or even have a Tantric Healing Session with me in person.  on all realms creates a peak of spiritual orgasmic intimacy. This is the highest love one can attain with another being.

How can you become devoted to the Tantric Love Life that you deserve to have?

Tantra is the ultimate exploration of the Divine Presence within yourself and the other.

When you devote your heart to the path of Tantra you dissolve all fear of intimacy over protecting or defending your ego.  Learn the secrets to Tantric Love and how to communicate with radical honesty with your partner.  For deep soul penetrating Tantric Sex to manifest, you must let yourself totally dissolve into your partner.  Meaning, surrender to them and this amazingly divine connection this already between you. 

Sitting close to each other and doing long periods of eye gazing and slow, soft gentle touching will melt the apparent boundaries between you.  Looking beyond their personality into their soul is by far the greatest way to create a long lasting loving relationship.  If you do this on a daily basis you can only expect the most amazing relationship in humanity.

Be honest, be real, and know that deep down you will experience the greatest love, joy and ecstasy by loving, accepting and appreciating yourself totally as you are.

Lastly, it is important to know that Tantric Intimacy does not always have to engage in sexual penetration. Perhaps this is the most important secret of them all because it can relax the pressure we put on ourselves to perform and satisfy our partner.

When you become practiced enough moving the deep shakti energy inside your body, an orgasmic Tantric Sexual experience can be found through a simple long heart felt hug, or gazing into your beloved eyes.  There are many Tantra techniques that will awaken your Kundalini and allow you to experience yourself (and the whole world) as the Divine Loving energy it truly is. 

Thank you for taking the time to explore the most amazing sexual healing experience of your life!

If you'd like more personal support in taking this first step into creating your Tantric Sexual lifestyle, please come attend one of my workshops, meet me in person for a session, or we can even do a Tantric exploration over the phone if you are unable to travel.

Start learning how to practice  Tantric Sex in the bedroom!

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