The Inner Journey
to Enlightened Liberation

By Jafree Ozwald

"Your essence, your essential joy, is so huge that it flows in every direction." - Nirmala

Sometimes we forget in life that the most important direction we need to turn for answers is inside ourselves. The outer world will captivate us, and invite us to experience all it's tantalizing joys and sorrows. Yet, the most radical and enlightening path to liberation is not one that falls prey to being addicted to the outer world for fulfillment, yet discovers it easily and effortlessly within. We are often blind to the fact that it's the incessant searching the causes us not to see. Whenever we are not getting what we want, it's because we are in a state of wanting, needing or demanding and not coming from a place of allowing, accepting or receiving.

The being who is fully liberated is the one who is free from seeking for happiness out there, and lives at the source of it from within. It's only when we turn our attention to the source of our sweet calming spiritual essence on the inside, that we introduce the possibility of stopping this eternal egoic searching habit completely. As long as the mind is directed outwards, our energy continues to flow away from our center, our inner peace and stillness, where all real sustainable love, joy and real answers to life are found.

If we continue directing our attention only towards the outer world, wanting this and craving that, we will be forced to retreat inside ourselves to reboot. Our bodies are designed to remain in a state of balance and healing naturally.  It's the incessant stressful efforting of the mind and attachment to egoic desires which causes us to struggle, suffer, and eventually die in pain instead of having a calm centered easy exodus. If we want to experience a truly enlightened and fulfilling life, there must be an conscious awareness in each moment of where we are focusing our attention. We must get deeply curious every hour of our lives if we are bathing in the light of our being, fully aligned with our connection to that which brings us the deepest resource of joy, love, peace and bliss.

One of the greatest truths I've found on the path is that this spiritual source of energy (who we actually are) is soooooo huge and all consuming that ultimately it doesn't matter if we get whatever our ego wants or doesn't want. The mind/ego will always be wanting something that it thinks will make us happy, complete or satisfied.  There is no absolute completion or ultimate satisfaction to achieve at in life, this is a never ending eternal journey we are on which is spiraling higher and deeper towards total liberation and complete ecstasy. 

"Ecstasy is our very nature; not to be ecstatic is simply unnecessary." ~ Osho

When we look at enlightenment, the desiring mind is not the real problem here. The real issue is an unawareness that when we DO get whatever our ego wants, we will also be getting what we don't want as well.  When any big desire is achieved, we always get both. For example, we meet our dream partner/soul mate and later find out they have an annoying habit that we cannot stand, if we buy our new dream car it also comes with an insanely high monthly insurance rate and costly maintenance fees. If we discipline ourselves with daily exercise and get super strong and fit, we may only later experience becoming super stiff and tight from not integrating calming deep stretching yoga exercises as well. The weekend drinker who loves to party, always forgets about the horrible hangover experience that will painfully consume his/her life the next morning.

There is no single payoff from achieving any desire in this world that does not also have a cost to it. Even if we think we've found our perfect dream life, there's always going to be some perpetual feeling of the gratitude of it all, to keep your mind happy, peaceful and at a vibration that can reach an even better life next year.  We all exist in the world of duality, male/female, black/white, daytime/nighttime, the opposites are everywhere we can look. We cannot escape from living in between these two poles that are not fully contradictory, yet rather better understood as complementary of each other.  We are the rainbow spectrum in between the black and white extremes of the light. We have full choice as to which end we want to explore and experience. We can choose to avoid things, cling to other things, or simply relax and let the natural movement of life's pendulum guide us along the way.

Always getting both, what we want and don't want is one of the most enlightening and liberating experiences to explore. When we realize that life is always, always, always going to deliver a win-lose experience with every desire we jump after, we start to relax about the whole game and drop into something deeper inside.  Initially, it can feel like apathy, thinking what's the point of life if we always get what we want AND what we don't want, and never ONLY just the goodies.  Yet, apathy also will soon fall away when we feel that the nature of desire is pure suffering (not having) and that finding peace with desire is the ultimate goal. 

Desires simply manifest them more easily when we are not attached to them in any way. The ride through life is also much more enjoyable along the way when we know the secret to being at peace with the mind and it's incessant desiring seeking habit. When we understand that every single time we achieve a desire we will always get both what we want AND don't want, we stop being so forceful, manipulative, and pushing our will on the world to making things flow OUR way. Eventually, the energy settles deeper in, and we stop being so greedy, needy, and full of selfish egoic agendas. There comes this healing feeling of a sweet surrender and full acceptance to the grand totality of life.  It is in the relaxation into this profound truth that we realize our true infinite spiritual nature, and become super powerful manifesting magnets that effortlessly attract anything and everything our heart desires.

The best approach to dealing with our desires is knowing that once we do get a desire manifested, we must be emotionally prepared to receive the opposing negative by-product as well. This doesn't mean we cannot celebrate achieving anything in life and be outrageous about it.  In fact, we must go fully into appreciation if we want to continue expanding our manifesting magnet power. We must let go into our greatest joyful expression, not holding back on any level, while having awareness of the knowledge that soon there will be the mysterious flip side showing up, that brings everything back to even neutral balance.

"Life's problems may be complicated, yet the answers are always very simple." ~Unknown

My teacher once told me life is like a gambling casino where you always win whatever you bet.  If you bet $10, you get $10 back each time. There is always an even outcome, a perfect balance to life which makes everything fair in the end. Hidden inside every beautiful wave is a dark undertow.  Once we are conscious and aware of the nature of duality, our incessant craving and yearning for our desires to be met will subside for good. It is then that we will discover the most enlightening exploration of all.  A life of perpetual relaxation within ourselves where we can enjoy the grace and ease of simply being alive. The day we discover how to remain relaxed into our true essence, our essential real nature, the greatest freedom and enlightening path will be revealed.

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