The Spiritual Awakening
of Jafree Ozwald

For years as a child I was enamored by the mystical, magical and supernatural people of this world.  I had a deep curiosity to know what God was, how magic worked, and understand the path to awakening and enlightenment. This childlike curiosity remains with me to this day, and is what brought me on my journey to India to discover a profound spiritual awakening that transformed my life.

When I was 23 years old my father decided to end his life and left us some inheritance to make sure we were ok. With this money I decided to move to Hawaii and travel to India to learn about mysticism. It was a very challenging time for me emotionally, so I taught myself how to meditate, and train my body to relax completely. I highly recommend that you learn how to do this because it makes everything easier about this life.

For 2 years, I had been meditating, doing yoga and other healing practices to find some form of inner peace with my dad's suicide. In Hawaii, I met a woman named Gangaji who told me to visit a guru in India named "Papaji". This amazing man had the opportunity to sit with Ramana Maharshi, and the transmission triggered something inside me where my life has never since been the same.

   The room was filled with over 200 people and on a cold stone floor and there was not enough room to stretch out you legs. After meditating in these circumstances with Papaji for 3 weeks something happened to me. I felt an atomic bomb explode throughout my entire mind, body and being. There was nothing left inside me but a deep penetrating silence surrounding what used to be my mind. My mind/ego/identity was gone, and all that was left was a pure scintillating consciousness. 

My ego/mind was not longer believing that IT was in charge of thinking, doing, eating, sleeping, speaking, etc.  There was only a channel of creative energy passing through "me" and now nobody was left to obstruct or control the thoughts anymore.  Only a small witness remained who was connected to the entire Universe of existence. This speck of consciousness knew without any doubt, that there was only ONE being here and the "I" was already one with everyone and everything. 

Thoughts still happened to me, yet "I" was no longer behind the steering wheel trying to manage and control them. Attending to desires, fears, or dreams was not nearly as intriguing as resting into this divine super peaceful enlightening God Presence that was radiating from inside. 

Everywhere I walked or traveled was a life changing extraordinary experience. Every breath was totally healing and food tasted like it was made for Gods. I had the feeling like I was constantly being breathed by God. It was truly an experience of living heaven on earth.  I realized that heaven is available here now. It is a state of no-mind where we are not longer identified with "me and mine" but rather understanding how intimately we are the ONE unified being. 

This bright lucid enlightening experience from my first Spiritual Awakening only lasted a few months, because I moved back to Europe and I got caught up in other people's dramas, making money, and the stress of being married. My awakened consciousness slowly faded out as my ego crept back in. I needed to return to India to meditate again.

This time I decided to visit the tree where Buddha sat under and experienced his awakening and meditate for 3 more weeks again! What happened became the most amazing life transforming experience of my entire life.  I started to experience many magical mystical occurrences which you can read about in my in depth autobiography.

Through the years of falling back asleep and reawakening, I've discovered the formula for maintaining this enlightened state. As long as I continue to eat raw, drink my organic Green Juice, do a daily practice of Samadhi Yoga and Meditate daily, I can continue operating at this higher state of Samadhi consciousness. Which means I no longer get wrapped up in any form of suffering.

The body is the foundation for the mind. When the body is purified the mind can see clearly. Through this clean diet and meditation practice, I am able to see beyond it, above it, and through it. I can see how all suffering is created by the mind and realize that I am not the mind. I know I am not this "inner world" nor this "outer world".  I am beyond them both.  

I was blessed at 44 years old to discover the divine enlightening world of Tantra not by accident, yet I asked the Universe for a real tantric teacher who could awaken my shakti from within.  I was blessed to meet the most spiritually deep and beautiful Tantric Goddess named Mira Malin Dakini. She is amazing and a true healer and awakening being for me on every level.

"There are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance. Everything you're experiencing is a direct manifestation of where you're focusing your energy, attention and consciousness." ~ Jafree

Through Tantra, I've discovered that life is meant to be enjoyed. We are built for pleasure because we were al born from an orgasm. So I choose to live my life as if it were a perfect balance of the joyous, expressive free Zorba the Greek (the ultimate party) and Gautama the Buddha (the ultimate meditator). 

I find that the best meditation now is the combination of sitting perfectly still like a statue AFTER being sensually intertwined, spiritually intimate, falling into deep relaxation, while letting go of all masks, fears and ambitions with your partner in a deep profound Tantric Intimate Experience.

I feel that the path of experiencing God thought sex can only be found through awakening your Kundalini. The Kundalini is the sexual portal to God. It is that energy which opens you to bliss and inspires, energizes and enlightens you on every level. The sex activity in itself is meant to awaken the Kundalini, yet it only happens when the person has a super green clean diet and is doing yoga and meditating daily.

 Through my years of traveling around the world, visiting 25 different countries and permanently living in 5 different countries, I've realized how precious humanity is. We are amazing beings who have simply forgotten who we are. We have lost touch with our sacred sexuality and our connection to God. There is nothing actually wrong with us. We were born perfect beings. We are just taught to believe that we are limited and that we must struggle through life, yet truly we are divine beings of light and unlimited on every level.

Through the practice of self-realization we can stop all forms of suffering. We can understand that there is nothing we need to fix, no ego to get rid of, no spiritual practice to perform to attain a some higher spiritual goal. We realize that we are already awake, already God beings who are enlightened and fully living in the present moment, spontaneously following wherever our spirit guide tells us to go.

To this day, I continue my travel and practice my mission of helping enlighten the planet though my Enlightened Beings website and online Manifestation Program. What I've discovered from my life of seeking truth has transformed my inner and outer world so deeply that I decided to devote my entire life to teaching a billion people around this world what it takes to awaken.  It will take time, yet we will eventually get there.

I've surrendered my life to the highest possible purpose a human being can take on. To ascend while living still in the body by purifying the body and enlightening our consciousness. What has come though me as a result of this long spiritual quest is my 90 day Super Manifestation Program which contains a treasure chest of manifesting exercises that actually work.

 I've got 150+ Testimonials from people who have manifested the most amazing things with this program. There are many manifesting meditations, a 250 page manifesting manual, ecourses, videos, and a manifestation formula that is 100% GUARANTEED to skyrocket your vibration so you start manifesting your dream life! 

I believe that when we are in alignment with our passion, purpose, life mission and living from our highest consciousness, we naturally and effortlessly manifest the life of our dreams. It just happens... the moment we awaken this divine understanding of who and what we truly are, our energy field changes and everything we desire begins to come into our life easily and effortlessly. If you're interested in reading more intimate details about my life you can check out my autobiography. 

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There is a global wave of enlightenment already in progress.  The world is simply waiting for YOU to join.  How to dive in?  Be very quiet, still and rest in your innermost being. Get curious that you are this God-Source, and it is everywhere around you and within you.   Soon you will FULLY realize that within the center of your innermost core you are an eternal being who is infinitely connected to a Source of unlimited intelligence, power and potential energy! 

~Much love to you, Jafree


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