Guided Meditation for Manifesting your Soul Mate


 Learn How to Attract your Perfect Partner!

Do you want to know the secret to meeting and manifesting your soul mate?

Today is your lucky day!

This guided Soul Mate Meditation is highly magical and extremely powerful!  It's highly effective at helping you clear your blocks to you can focus on the energy, feeling and quality of what it's like to meet your soul mate in real life.

The more you listen to this guided experience, the faster and easier it becomes to physically attract your soul mate into your life! 


"I purchased your soul mate meditation, and after listening to it twice, I met my soul mate the next day, in a very strange place and against all logic. We both knew it immediately. We've been seeing each other for 6 months, and though we have had our thing is certain - we are soul mates and we have learned immensely from each other. Keep up the good work!  Namaste!

                           ~Suzanne Ledo, Scottsdale AZ


What you'll experience...

  • The increased manifesting ability to materialize the man or woman of your dreams.
  • Heal past relationship wounds blocking you from attracting your soul mate.
  • Open your heart to a higher vibration so you can meet your soul mate.
  • A dramatic shift in confidence to attract your soul mate into your life.


How do you know when you've met your soul mate?

Upon your first meeting you may feel as if you have known each other for years, and there's a feeling of being able to relax and fully be yourself.  You may also feel like you can share with your soul mate what your life is about without editing your words in any way. 

A soul mate is one who you can instantly feel this deep spiritual connection and feeling of synchronicity with, or that these feelings grow stronger very quickly. The nature of a soul mate relationship is the feeling of an old connection that is deep, beyond time and where love has no boundaries or limitations.

A soul mate is an intimate relationship that opens your heart and allows your greatest love inside to flow through you. The love that we share with our soul mate is powerful and deeply life enriching. There is so much love it can take away all the anxiety, worry and fear in your life, and put everything at ease.

It is a big relief to finally meet that person who completes you, the one who fits you like a glove, and knows you so deeply and intimately.

If you are single, or tired of feeling lonely, or just keep meeting people who just are not "the one", this manifesting meditation to meeting your soul mate can be your ticket to freedom! 

If you are already in a relationship, it can help you move on and manifest a better partner and soul connection than with the person you're currently dating. 



Other benefits from this experience include:

  • Reprogramming your heart and soul with the profound ability to receive deep intimacy in a relationship.
  • A dramatic increase in your confidence in dealing with relationships.
  • The power to naturally attract your soul mate with joy, fun and initiate a new kind life.
  • New feelings of love, trust, and the pure excitement of being in a great relationship.

"I have been trying for 2 1/2 years to get over a breakup with no success.  The first time I listened to your meditation - tears were streaming down my face and I didn't know why. The next morning, I felt so much better! Though I will always love him, I can do without him in my life. The more I do the meditation, the stronger I feel. Thank you so much!  You helped when no one else could."

                           ~Tina from Flat Rock, Michigan



Do you only have one soul mate or do you have many to connect with?

There are many people on the planet that will fit into your life like the perfect glove, and give you the experience of having a deep profound loving connection with them. However, not all of these loving beings are your soul mate. A soul mate is different, for they reach into your heart and touch your soul on the most personal level. It is very rare that we meet someone like this, and when we do, we would be a fool for turning the other way.

The issue however is that if you have had a past broken relationship, the wounds from this break up may be blocking you from being available to meet your soul mate. The negative experiences from the past often penetrate our heart deeper than we realize and create a shield of defense that doesn't allow in any pain OR the sensitivity and trust to let in love.

The greatest soul mate love of your life could be living next door to you, yet if your heart is not open, you won't feel the connection or see the signs. This experience of "overlooking" your soul mate happens to people more frequently than you think. 

A wounded heart will be hesitant to take the risk to get hurt again, so it tends to remain closed instead of open to receiving love. The heart will think it is dangerous to love someone, and so it's busy protecting itself from getting hurt again.  

The wounds in the heart block both the positive and negative experiences from happening, leaving you completely numb and lacking personal intimate relationships. 

The melting and healing of these walls is the key to healing your life and finding your soul mate.  The healing of these wounds is what my powerful guided meditation below will do for you!!


"I have only used your soul mate meditation for a few days and it seems to be very powerful. About a year ago I bought some e-books from another website on how to manifest Soul Mates/Twin Flames and I had been following their instructions for almost a whole year and absolutely nothing has happened! That's when I realized there must be something looks like your meditation provides the missing answers. Your meditation takes strong, concrete steps so that the manifestation in the physical can occur. Thanks for this good stuff, I will certainly recommend it to anyone who I think can benefit from it."

                           ~Denise Rubens



Guided Meditation for Manifesting Your Enlightened Loving Soul Mate!

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