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 How Do Manifesting Meditations Work?

Simply relaxing on your bed, listening to a guided journey, you can induce a deep trance state, and reprogram your subconscious mind to attract, create and manifest any desire you have. Whatever the mind focuses on and imagines, the body feels, accepts and believes.

You can program your mind to magnetize more money, to meet your soul mate, create a better relationship, manifest a new job, build your dream home, or truly anything you can imagine! The power of the mind is limitless.

Just by listening to manifesting meditations, you awaken a powerful "magnetic energy" inside your body that actually works like a magnet to pull your desires to you and into your life. Each time you listen, you are visualizing what you want, opening yourself to creating it, and feeling that its already manifesting effortlessly for you! 

By repeating this process your mind will soon believe that this new experience is real and an actual part of your life. Your subconscious mind will then create it naturally out into the physical world. Within a few days or weeks of practice, you will FEEL different, and begin noticing your ability to attract your desires faster and easier than you believed was possible! 

I've created my manifesting meditations to dramatically increase your energy, vibration and consciousness. By just listening one time to a manifesting meditation, you can start feeling more alive, more confident, and more magical in your life.  When you transform your inner world this changes your outer world the most radical positive ways.

Access the Secrets to Manifesting Any Desire You Have with Joy and Effortless Ease!

Hi, my name is Jafree Ozwald and I'm the creator of all the Manifesting Meditations you'll discover below! I've made my manifesting technology easy to use, and powerful so that you can quickly see results in your life. Amazing things will happen for you when you follow my 90 Day Super Manifesting Program which is on sale now and available for Instant Download.

I have created 4 money meditations that are proven to dramatically increase our natural ability to attract financial abundance into our life, as well as meditations to heal your body and mind, attract your soul mate, access answers to find your life purpose, and have a deep spiritual experience of life! Each of my manifesting meditations are unique and will teach you how to retrain your brain for success in any endeavor you do.

You can release negative beliefs stopping you from realizing your life mission and unlimited potentiality. You'll receive a deep cellular transformation that will allow you to effortlessly magnetize ANYTHING you desire into your life with effortless ease!!

I've created 12 Manifesting Meditations below AND have written 4 Manifesting Ebooks to guide you in manifesting ANYTHING you want in your life. My system is proven to work, and quick to create results.

You can manifest specific desires in your life such as manifesting an extra $2000 a month, a more sensual relationship, unstoppable confidence, optimum health, your ideal career, and even spiritual freedom. As you engage your subconscious mind with the positive feeling that you ALREADY have what you desire.

You can create anything you want in your life when you have the right tools and resources behind you. Simply by listening to a Manifesting Meditation for 21 days in a row will dramatically increase your ability to manifest the good things you want in life more easily and effortlessly.

 Each guided meditation contains healing background music and you'll reprogram your body and mind to receive financial freedom, have outrageous energy, manifest a great love, and attract ANY experience you want on Earth!

You can see on my testimonial page that people have manifesting large sums of money, have had profound healing experiences, have met their soul mate, found the job of their dreams, all through following this secret manifesting formula! Think of this as your one-way ticket to creating the life of your dreams and receive the greatest abundance that you deserve!

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The Manifesting Meditation Master Package!

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Each guided meditation is this package contains healing background music that will reprogram your mind for success. The meditations include journeys that will program you to receive financial freedom, have outrageous energy, manifest a great love, and attract ANY experience you want on Earth! You'll learn how to reprogram your mind for success with this deeply enlightening experience that is a $240 Value!

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Manifesting Meditations below in this
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Inside the Manifesting Meditation Master Package You'll Receive All these Money Meditations below...

Download ALL 4 Guided Audio Manifesting Meditations (all 4 products below) Instantly download on MP3 audio each of the 4 essential guided money meditations that will dramatically increase your manifesting ability to create financial abundance in your life! If you purchased these separately you'd pay over $68!  This special 4 pack contains exactly what you need to become a Money Magnet!  $37
The Million Dollar Manifesting Meditation (23 minute meditation) Increase your Financial Frequency and Attract Divine Abundance into ALL areas of your Life! This super FEEL GOOD experience will help you relax about your current financial issues, as well as increase your financial frequency so that you can become financially free! Experience yourself as the divinely rich and abundant being you truly are. You will connect with an UNLIMITED SOURCE of ENERGY AND RICHES that will shower a Divine Abundance all over your life! $17

The Guided Money Manifesting Mantra Meditation (25 minute meditation)  This powerful audio meditation that will dramatically boost your ability to attract a consist flow of financial abundance to you. Thanks to this meditation, you will reprogram your mind with a powerful set of 38 money mantras that are proven to dramatically boost your ability to attract wealth into your bank account! Each time you use this meditation, your mind, body and spirit will feel reborn with a new feeling of abundance consciousness.  $17

The Guided Meditation for Manifesting an Abundance of Money (18 minute meditation)  This meditation will dramatically heal and empower your relationship with money! It will take you on a journey to release any negative limiting beliefs holding you back from manifesting abundance into your life, and submerge your mind-body with a powerful NEW state of abundance consciousness! You will literally FEEL like a million dollars after you're done with this meditation! $17

The Guided Meditation to Meeting your Inner Financial Guru (19 minute meditation)  This audio meditation will dramatically increase your ability to tap into abundance consciousness. It will support you in uncovering your natural financial wisdom and show you how to receive direct guidance on manifesting prosperity in your life. Your inner financial guru will be able to answer your toughest questions about mastering your current financial situation, and give you a step-by-step plan on HOW to make more money this week! $17

Powerful Manifesting Meditations to Ignite the Successful Being You Truly Are!

The Blue Room Manifesting Meditation (23 minute meditation) This revolutionary visualization takes you into a conscious dream-like state where you actually step into the most powerful manifesting place in the Universe...The Blue Room! You will create real life agreements that manifest themselves back on Earth! Perhaps you would like to physically meet your life partner, create a new financial contract or deal, or improve your business or personal relationships. By meeting with them in the Blue Room you'll soon see how the manifesting magic effortlessly starts unfolding in your life!  $17

The Guided Meditation to Become a Manifesting Magnet (20 minute meditation)  This meditation will skyrocket your body's manifesting vibration so that you can quickly and effortlessly attract whatever you desire into your life. You will deepen your ability to trust yourself and the Universe, and connect with your natural ability to manifest! In this meditation you will be sending out so many positively charged vibrations that your every desire will be miraculously magnetized to you! $17

The Self Love Meditation - Merging with your Divine Essence (25 minute meditation)  This life transformational self-loving meditation will increase your ability to naturally RECEIVE those desires you did not feel worthy of in the physical world. You will heal the deepest parts of yourself and discover how to experience the greatest secret in the Universe inside YOU! By merging with your Divine Essence and finding unconditional love for yourself, you will shatter any self-sabotaging patterns and start attracting the relationships, abundance and happiness you deserve in life. $17

The Guided Meditation to Experiencing Samadhi (30 minute meditation) This enlightening meditation takes you directly into experiencing the highest states of consciousness. You will go on a journey that takes you beyond the mind and ego into the Divine Presence within you. When you arrive at this deep place of inner peace, you'll connect with your divine all-powerful spiritual essence which will create a dramatic shift in your ability to manifest more of what you desire. By tapping into this higher vibrational state you will experience total freedom from all suffering and see your entire life with amazing crystal clarity. $17

The Guided Meditation for Awakening Your Kundalini (25 minutes) This guided meditation gently opens up your Sushuma channel and chakras to experience the bliss and joy of Kundalini energy! The exploration and opening of these chakras will help you to know the divine all-powerful spiritual being you truly are. This meditation gently awakens the most powerful healing and manifesting energy on the planet that has been dormant within you. When the amazing power of Kundalini is fully awake, you will experience the Divine within everyone and everything. The more you practice this meditation, the more magical your life becomes. $17

The Guided Meditation for Manifesting Your Enlightened Soul Mate(17 minute meditation) This enlightening guided manifesting meditation will help you to physically attract your soul mate to you. Or if you are already in a relationship, it will manifest a deeper loving soul connection with the person you are currently in partnership with! Even just listening to this heart healing meditation one time will reprogram your heart and soul with the profound ability to experience deeper levels of intimacy in any relationship. $17

The Guided Meditation for Healing your Body, Mind and Soul! (23 minute meditation) This guided meditation is designed to support you in manifesting a full physical mind-body healing. It will initiate a deep healing transformation of every cell in your body. Other benefits from listening to this meditation daily can include relief from physical pain, deeper levels of inner peace, an increased amount of energy, and the quieting of mind chatter. $17

The Guided Journey into The Akashic Records (30 minute meditation) This guided spiritual journey provides a new perspective and paradigm shift for a deeper understanding of yourself and your life. This is a journey of self discovery where you'll get to view past lives and receive valuable life changing information stored in your soul's Akashic Records. You'll ignite a deeper awareness within you that will eliminate any painful illusions that have been previously running the show. $27

Why Makes My Manifesting
Meditations Sooooo Effective?

My Manifesting Meditations create an energetic blueprint of what you want to manifest.  The vibration and frequency that these manifesting meditations put you in are powerful enough to create ANY future you want.  It does not matter how difficult your life situation is, do not worry... when you begin the manifesting process amazing things can shift over night! 

Listening to one of my Manifesting Meditations everyday will "turn on" the charged manifesting mindset within you. When you practice visualizing what you want in life with an elated feeling of joy inside, you are drawing that experience to you at the speed of light! 

We are always magnetizing something into our life in each moment. Yet, the more clear we are about what we desire, and are able to release our resistance to receiving it, the faster and easier it shows up in our life!

Each time you do one of my Manifesting Meditations you will increase your energy and ability to attract your personal dreams into your Reality faster and easier than you could imagine! 



Your manifesting ability may have become like a train that has gotten off track. By visualizing and feeling what you want, you get back on track and often with greater momentum! My meditations will provide you with the proper engine, super fuel, and combustion for you to become a super powerful manifesting machine!

Start implementing my entire program and watch your life be TOTALLY transformed in 90 days or less!! I personally guarantee results when you follow my 90 Day Manifesting Program!




The 90 Day Manifesting Program! (all 4 products below) Our revolutionary 90 Day Manifesting Program is 100% guaranteed to produce results in 90 days or less!! We've done extensive research on the ancient science of manifesting and have created the most practical ways to increase your vibration and see actual results in your life.  The manifesting techniques, 8 habits manifesting routine and the manifesting meditations in this program you WILL AWAKEN this incredible power and start seeing your dreams manifest into your life.  When your manifesting powers are completely "turned on" you will experience a life that is truly satisfying, enjoyable and empowering to your soul.  If you purchased each product below separately you would pay over $80...this is a great deal!  $57

The Manifesting Manual - How to Raise your Manifesting Vibration and Effortlessly Materialize Anything Your Heart Desires

The Manifesting Manual Our world-renowned Manifesting Manual is a 257+ page encyclopedia packed full of manifesting knowledge, secrets and techniques you can't find anywhere! It is the most practical and applicable source about manifesting recorded in history! You'll receive the world's most powerful manifesting routine that you can start doing tomorrow morning which are 100% GUARANTEED to turn you into a manifesting magnet! $37

A super enlightening affirmations e-book for Manifesting an Awakened, Empowered and Abundant Life!


Affirmations to Manifest an Awakened, Empowered and Abundant Life! This 90 day e-book program has 300+ enlightening affirmations that will reprogram your life! Even reading through this e-book ONE TIME will create an enlightening shift in your consciousness. Manifesting successful relationships, abundant finances, job satisfaction, perfect health and a deep spiritual connection are truly only a few months away. $17

A spiritually awakening e-book that will open you up to profound inner peace and a spiritual experience of life!

101 Thoughts to Instant Awakening Tap Into An Unlimited Source Of Energy Inside Yourself Today. These AMAZING Thoughts & Actions Will Spark A Sacred Fire within YOU to Manifest a Miraculous Life that YOU LOVE!!! This is a mind opening 90 day enlightening experience that will help you to manifest a spiritual awakening in your life! $17

A powerful 8 day email ecourse that has the most essential yet transformational tools to jumpstart your manifesting vibration!

The 8 Day Manifesting E-Course The inspirational manifesting secrets in The 8 Day Manifesting E-course will SKYROCKET your ability to attract the life you desire! You will receive 8 powerful manifesting lessons delivered to you via EMAIL (one per day) for 8 consecutive days. Everyday you will expand your mind, inspire your heart, and set your life into action in a miraculous way. $17


Download EVERY product we've ever produced at a SUPER discounted price! My Super Manifesting program it contains the world's most effective manifesting technology that is 100% Guaranteed to help you to attract whatever it is your heart desires. 

By learning how to increase your manifesting vibration and improve your natural manifesting ability, you can receive results in just a few days! Learn how to master your life with this ultimate enlightening experience! You'll also get 5 FREE BONUS Manifesting Meditations with this super discounted special offer.

You'll get over 250+ minutes of Manifesting Meditations, over 580+ pages of Enlightening Information, 27 educational videos on manifesting, 14 personal enlightening radio interviews with Jafree, plus all the FREE BONUS manifesting materials ALL containing the secrets to manifesting your life's dreams!

NOTE: All 12 guided Manifesting Meditations above are available for you to INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD on MP3 audio inside our Super Manifesting Program.




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