Guided Meditation to Become a Manifesting Magnet!


Learn How to Effortlessly Manifest
Anything your Heart Desires!

What you will experience...

  • A guided meditation journey that will generate a powerful magnetic manifesting energy throughout your mind & body!
  • A dramatic increase in your ability to manifest whatever you desire to you effortlessly and joyously. 
  • The ability to deeply feel and experience what it is like to have already manifested your desired outcome.

This super powerful guided meditation will spontaneously raise your vibration and turn your body-mind into a Manifesting Magnet!!


Learn How to Harness the Amazing

Manifesting Energy Within You!


The Guided Meditation to Become a Manifesting Magnet will help you increase your natural manifesting powers so that you can easily and effortlessly materialize your desires into the physical world.  This powerful meditation will dramatically INCREASE your body-mind's Manifesting Vibration and help you to receive your desired outcome with effortless ease. 

You will be creating more clarity about what you really want, as well as becoming more magnetic which will allow a specific result to manifest easier into your life.  The higher your body's magnetic Manifesting Vibration can become, the faster your life's greatest dreams and desires just magically materialize for you!

How Does This Manifesting Meditation Work?

First of all, it's important to understand how manifesting works.  Manifesting happens through increasing the vibration within your mind-body, while holding the vision and feeling of what you've chosen to materialize into your physical reality.  When your vibration is high enough, and the resistance to receiving your desired outcome is low enough, you naturally attract the outcome to you.  How can this occur?  The scientific explanation goes like this. 

The Universe is made up of zillions of sub-atomic energy wave/particles that are deeply connected, intelligent, and contain consciousness.  Yes, the entire Universe is a melting pot of pure conscious energy!  This super alive world we live in is an intimate quantum soup of connected energy that is consciously listening to every thought and feeling you have, and is reflecting each thought back to you in the physical form.

Energetically speaking, your body is already a natural bio-magnet.  You were born with a mind and an aura of magnetic energy all around you.  However, your body's vibration may have been distracted by negative thoughts/feelings about what you want, and thus the energetic charge to attract what you desire has been weakened. 

When you are visualizing yourself experiencing your desired outcome in a powerful, centered and highly energized space, you are sending out extremely positively charged thought/feeling vibrations into the Universe.  These thoughts and feelings don't just stay in your head, but reverberate outward towards the Universe and boomerang back into your life.  By focusing only on what you want, and increasing your body's magnetic energy-field, you will magnetize whatever you are thinking about much easier and faster!

This may be hard for some to believe, yet super strong e-motions (energy in motion) are received by every quantum particle in the entire Universe.  Have you ever thought about someone and all of a sudden they call you on the phone?  Thoughts have no boundaries, meaning that they are not just happening between your ears.  They are traveling all throughout the Universe.

Every time you do The Manifesting Magnet Meditation, you are sending out a highly focused and powerful emotional request into the Universe in the form of your desire.  It's as if your normal magnetic field turns into ENORMOUS loud speakers that are blasting your message throughout the Universe.  The Universe in turn energetically "feels" that you are coming from a place of true centered power, and in turn relays the appropriate wave/particles in your direction that match the vibration of your desired outcome.  So if you can truly feel like a millionaire deep deep down, the Universe will match and manifest that physically for you.

The Guided Meditation to Become a Manifesting Magnet  will increase your magnetic manifesting field AND bring your mind to focus upon what you want to manifest.  It is designed to open you up, so that you can truly tap into the powerful feeling states of having already manifested your desired outcome.  The more you can genuinely feel the joy and gratitude of having already manifested your dreams, the faster the Universe will respond to you.


Guided Meditation to Become a Manifesting Magnet!

(20 minute meditation)  

This meditation will skyrocket your body's manifesting vibration so that you can quickly and effortlessly attract whatever you desire into your life. You will deepen your ability to trust yourself and the Universe, and connect with your natural ability to manifest! In this meditation you will be sending out so many positively charged vibrations that your every desire will be miraculously magnetized to you!

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