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Powerful Affirmations to Manifest an Amazing Life that You'll Love!

Get ready to Manifest an Abundant

and Powerful Life that YOU LOVE!!

Hi, I'm Jafree the creator of the EnlightenedBeings web portal. I've created a truly amazing online experience for you, that will rewire your mind to attract ONLY positive, abundant, and powerful thoughts about yourself, other people, and the world!

In the next 3 months or less on this program, you will totally transform your life and begin to awaken the Universal manifesting energy hidden within you.
My Powerful Affirmation program contains over 300+ powerful affirmations which I personally specially hand picked from a list of thousands!

I chose the most empowering heart-opening affirmations which created the greatest mental and emotional shift in people's thinking. These hand picked gems are 100% guaranteed to shift you into a new super healthy abundant successful lifestyle!

The special manifesting power behind my Powerful Affirmation Program is the manifesting technology I was given. This ancient manifesting technique will rewrite the "software" in how you think and feel and change your "hardware" inside your brain so that you attract the abundant magical life you deserve to have.

In less than 90 days on my program your brain will have permanently shifted to having ONLY positive thoughts! Then, you will start manifesting some very amazing and pleasurable experiences in your life!


  • True Peace of Mind 
  • Feeling Spiritually Connected
  • A Naturally Optimistic Attitude
  • Feelings of Abundance and Generosity
  • Empowering Heart Opening Relationships
  • Feelings of Joy in your Average Day


Powerful Affirmations every Morning will make you want to JUMP for joy!

Our Thoughts Create Our Life

Thoughts are powerful. Whatever we think we become. Who we are is what and how we think. By using these powerful affirmations you will shape shift your entire life for the better. You will attract new positive life affirming experiences to you that make your heart SING!

Using this program you will not only reprogram your subconscious mind to think a continuous stream of positive thoughts, you’ll also learn how to conquer your negative mind so you can manifest the lifestyle your dreams.

You will dramatically improve your finances, career, relationships and create a empowering spiritual connection with the Universe.

Best of all, the powerful affirmation program shows you how to do it in less than 90 days!  You might as well start packing your bags and getting ready to move to the land of emotional paradise!

The 90 Day Powerful Affirmation Program is sooooo effective that it will wipe your brain clean from obsessive negative thinking patterns forever. It will rewire your thinking so it is difficult to think negative thoughts. You will naturally BE FEELING positive expansive sensations which will stick with you throughout your entire life! 

You'll naturally find yourself having a more optimistic attitude about yourself and your life. When life gets this positive, it becomes quite easy to discover the key to mind-mastery.

Everything in life seems to fall into place when you are thinking positive and powerful thoughts. This program is fun, super easy to use and HIGHLY effective. It will help you manifest more abundance than you can imagine! It's time you began feeling more confident, at peace with yourself, and start having more fun!

Using daily powerful affirmations you'll manifest the most AMAZING things!!

This is an opportunity that you'll want to jump on and transform your life now!

Using these powerful affirmations on a daily basis your desires will manifest EASIER for you because you will learn how to believe, feel and affirm that you can have them! You'll see a positive new way of living begin to show up at home, at work, and whatever you may be doing.

Thoughts are Things

With the right affirmations you can empower your mind to think beyond the normal negative mindset that everyone else may be in around you.

By implanting this positive mindset deep into the neurons of your brain and body, others will actually start feeling more positive around you!

This kind of "unforced" positive thinking happens naturally and spontaneously is truly contagious!

Learn the secrets to efficiently and effectively installing these affirmations into your mind, body and life! 

This 90 day program teaches you the greatest techniques for integrating and maintaining ANY positive statement you want about yourself, which ultimately will cause you to attract those ideal enjoyable life situations that you desire!

Learn the Secret how to retrain your brain and be FREE from negative thoughts for the rest of your life!!

Just by applying these techniques in this program you will start to reprogram the neurons in your brain for outrageous success! You'll see how easy it is to experience the gratitude, joy, abundance and success that you deserve!

Most people experience a major transformation in their thinking patterns in less than 3 weeks on this Affirmation Program. Like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, you will shift every cell in your body and aspect of your life to have more FREEDOM!

This is a deeply powerful affirmation experience that creates miracles and contains the roots and substance that will give your life wings!

These powerful positive statements will become so deeply planted into your subconscious mind, you will be smiling for ear to ear and feel unstoppable! With these powerful affirmations embedded inside your mind, you will have access to an empowered energy, attitude and positive outlook on life.... FOREVER! Imagine what would happen if could reprogram your mind with even ONE of these thoughts below...

I am the master of my destiny.  

I am at peace with myself,

 the world and everyone in it.   

Thousands of dollars are flowing freely

into my bank account every day!  

I am a powerful manifesting being

who can create anything I want!

I am now free from

all negative emotions. 

 What's it worth to start manifesting

positive experiences in your life?

Powerful Affirmations to Manifest an Amazing Life that You'll Love!


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Manifest Your Heart's Desires with this 90 Day Manifesting Program"There are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance. Everything you experience is a direct manifestation of where you focus your attention and hold your vibration." ~Jafree



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