The Guided Meditation for

Manifesting an Abundance of Money!


Yes, I'm celebrating life playing in a pile of $20,000! AND YES THOSE ARE ALL $100 NOTES!

Yes, this is me celebrating when I manifested $20,000 in one day! YES THOSE ARE ALL $100 NOTES!


What you will experience...

  • A guided meditation journey where you will experience GREAT financial abundance is yours!
  • A healing experience with money that will make you more receptive to feeling outrageously abundant!
  • The release of negative beliefs that are stopping you from realizing and actualizing your full financial potentiality.
  • A deep cellular transformation that will shift your body and mind's vibration, allowing you to effortlessly magnetize more abundance into your life.
  • A new abundant relationship with money!

How you feel on the inner world is what manifests into your outer world.  When you feel like a million dollars 24 hours a day, you are going to manifest a situation where that level of energy is attracted to you.  The Universal Law of Manifesting says that "Like attracts like", and when you're feeling rich inside, you will attract the same richness to you on the outside!

This 18 minute guided money meditation will dramatically shift, heal, and empower your relationship with money!  It will take you on a journey to release any negative limiting beliefs holding you back from manifesting abundance into your life, and submerge your mindbody with a powerful state NEW state of abundance consciousness!  You will literally FEEL like a million dollars after you're done with this meditation! 


"I just adore your manifesting abundance meditation!  It truly hits the spot. The exercises are unique, gentle and very effective. It has opened a whole new world for me. Thanks so much for your wonderful product."

~Brenda Shoshanna, Ph.d.


Other benefits from this meditation include...

  • Feeling more confident, powerful, wealthy, and financially free.
  • Freedom from negative thoughts around money.
  • An empowering effective belief system about attracting an abundance of money into your situation.
  • An energetic shift in your manifesting vibration and ability to attract greater financial abundance to you faster and easier!

Do You Desire to Manifest an

 Abundance of Money?


For many people, the word “money” is the most challenging and highly charged word in their lives.  Does it feel like no matter what you do, you are never rich enough?  You may experience a variety of feelings when you think about manifesting an abundance of money.  Yet, if you can FEEL excited, and visualize this abundance coming to you, you have just started manifesting it into your life.

The most important step to becoming financially abundant is to subconsciously shift your habitual thinking patterns from scarcity to abundance.  We have found that if you consistently associate ONLY positive, joyful, and expansive thoughts and feelings with the word money for 45 days in a row, the checks truly start flowing in!  Have you ever noticed how people with money simply attract more money?  Someone who is rich just tends to get richer while someone who is poor tends to get poorer.  This is due to their habitual subconscious thoughts and feelings that they have around money. 

Take this moment to notice what happens to your body when you think about your relationship with money in your life right now?  How do you feel?  How you FEEL about the money in your life right now was created over time by the thoughts and feelings you have had about it in the past.  We have all been programmed from childhood by our parents, society, and peers. 

This conditioning has created emotional experiences that are deeply embedded in the subconscious mind.  This guided meditation will reprogram your subconscious mind with abundant thoughts and feelings,  and heal your relationship with money on the deepest of levels.


"Your Money Meditations are simply unbelievably and undeniably very powerful!  I found myself listening to the "Money Mantra" one the most.  Each time I listen to it, it's like you are saying different it has layers to it.  I could feel the difference immediately, I was more relaxed, aware, lighthearted and joyful with a certain knowingness that my very being is in fact proof of unlimited abundance!"

~Jody Sachse, Kennesaw, GA

If you are continuously focusing on negative feelings and ideas about money, you will manifest a struggling financial lifestyle.  This can show up in the form of having debt, a habitually low bank balance, making poor financial investments, theft, or just the monthly struggle to pay the bills. 

On the other hand, when you meditate and resonate with feelings of ABUNDANCE, RICHNESS, WEALTH, and the JOY of having an abundant cash flow, you will manifest all the money you will need and much more!  When you know how to truly experience the feeling that you are rich beyond measure, you will automatically manifest financial freedom and wealth in all areas of your life!  We are always financially attracting what our mindbody resonates with.  This is why our abundance money meditation was created for you! 

Since I started increasing my Financial Frequency using money manifesting meditations, I have personally attracted many financially abundant experiences. I feel a good part of my success has come through releasing negative beliefs about money and consistently repeating abundant feelings and thoughts instead.

When abundant feelings and experiences get lodged in your body's cellular memory, look out! You will soon start seeing the manifestation in your outer world!  We discovered this when, for several weeks, we purposefully shifted our beliefs and feelings around money!  One immediate result that appeared was a $20,000 gift from the Universe!

Right now you can experience deep feelings of financial abundance, wealth, and freedom!!  With this meditation you will recognize how you are a powerful manifesting being and can manifest ANYTHING you need.   You will emerge from this guided meditation with a more solid connection to abundance and new empowering beliefs about money.  Get ready to ignite your natural state of prosperity and know your true infinite abundant nature. Whatever you ask for in life, can and will be yours!


Guided Meditation for Manifesting an Abundance of Money!

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