Jafree's Guided Healing Meditation for your Body, Mind and Soul!

Experience How To Heal Your Body

With The Power of your Mind!

What You'll Experience Inside...

  • A guided inner journey that brings a feeling of lightness and healing to every cell throughout your body.
  • Feeling calm, whole, relaxed and receptive to healing energy.
  • Possible instant relief from physical pain as the body learns how to let go and relax deeper.
  • A healing activation of the original healthy DNA memory for all of your body's cells.

How Does Jafree's Healing Meditation Work?

Whatever the mind focuses on, the body feels and experiences.  Science has proven that you can change your bio-chemistry in the body by simply focusing on healing thoughts and ideas.  Actual measurable healing effects have been found to occur inside the body just from listening to this meditation a few minutes!

When we are sick or fighting a disease, what we need the most is to be surrounded by a healing environment. This means our vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell is filled with pleasurable experiences that make us feel relaxed, a sense of joy, peace and even excited to be alive!

The soothing healing sounds, voice and overall energy from this guided healing meditation are the exact experience needed to create a healing reaction in the body.  Just listening to the meditation can feel like you're bathing in the most healing source you can imagine. 

The long term effects of repeatedly doing this healing guided visualization are amazing.  It reprograms your body to create its own resource state of healing and become receptive to healing energy.  We are opening your body and mind to receive an empowered healing experience of life. 

The negative stuck conflicted energy in your body that is creating the dis-ease has to leave the body when there is an excess of positive healing energy inside. Whatever physical illness, symptoms, trauma, or stress that you are experiencing will be forced to leave your body and dissolve away when the healing frequency reaches a certain level. 

This guided healing meditation is grounded in a spiritually connecting experience which keeps the listener plugged into their own personal highest healing Source.  It's all about opening all the cells of the body to relax, receive love, healing energy and remember perfect health.

By following Jafree's healing messages in the meditation the healing energy within you will eventually increase and take over the unhealthy aspects of your body. 

For the most profound benefits you will want to follow the suggestions at Healing Center. When your body is receiving proper amounts of connection with Nature (time spent outside) filled with Green "Superfuel" Juice and listening to this guided healing experience, healing your body from practically any illness can be very natural and even easy!

Just listening to the soothing background music in this guided healing meditation your body will be "hypnotized" into a deep state of relaxation.  From this place you can free all tension from your body and mind and receive a physically transformational healing experience!

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Do not underestimate the power of your mind to heal yourself.  This guided healing meditation is powerful and will assist you greatly in your healing experience. Just as the golden Sun in the sky above gives our world its warmth, energy, light, and life, the golden light from this meditation will do just the same for your body and mind. 

By simply visualizing that golden energy is flowing through certain parts of your body you can start to feel a lightness inside.  You may even feel a bright, youthful and joyful thought pattern start moving through you right now just imagining it! Yet in this guided healing meditation you'll learn how to relax deeper into your body, mind and soul you can focus your attention more deeply and clearly on bringing up the most powerful healing forces inside you.

Once you begin to tap into your mind's unlimited healing power, you'll experience how your physical body is also allowing a healing to occur.  Your mind has always had the power to heal your body.  It simply takes deep relaxation, and a constant gentle loving focus upon the highest healing energy in the Universe to create this healing phenomena.  

This guided healing meditation will submerge every cell in your body with a healing feeling of lightness.  Wherever your body needs healing, is where you will receive it. By experiencing this meditation even just one time, you'll be able to call upon and receive these new healing vibrations any time you need them in the future.

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