What Is Meditation

Discover The Bliss of Resting in Your Natural State of Being

By Jafree Ozwald

Meditation is not about focusing or concentrating on anything. It is about letting go of this habit, relinquishing attachment to all thinking and silencing the mind completely. When there is perfect inner stillness there will be tremendous clarity that reveal the powerful divinity within you and all around you.

If there were only one purpose for meditating daily, it would be to transcend the drama and illusions created by our mind and deeply realize that you are the God Source behind it all!  This understanding would be the end of your suffering on Earth forever.

Once the mind stops its perpetual search for more and begins to simply relax being fully present to what is, then everything becomes very clear and blissful. Quiet your mind chatter and you will master THIS moment. Master this very moment and you'll uncover the sacred purpose of your entire life!



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A completely relaxed unfocused quiet mind is able to find bliss inside and manifest its desires 1000 times easier than a super focused mind. Why is this? Focus creates a tension, the mind is consumed with the past tense and the future tense. It cannot fully be in the present moment where all the power, energy and life source is found.

 Whatever it is you most crave to experience in this lifetime, it is easily found through mastering this constantly focusing mind. The mind moves always from one thought to the next, never realizing that it is focusing on each thought bringing it into manifestation. We are manifesting machines, so whatever we focus on is what we manifest.

If we can learn how to be still, empty, silent and unfocused for even a few minutes a day, we will find a deep harmony with the Universal Source and discover how joyful and easy it is for your desires to manifest themselves through you.  

"The quieter you can become, the more you're able to hear."  ~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Maybe its more happiness, money, success, love, and or health that you desire.  Whatever it is that you want, a calm centered meditative mind is always more effective and efficient in manifesting your desires than an incessant chatterbox. Meditation is that bridge to bringing our very dreams and desires into physical form.  It's the link we've been missing our entire lives.  It is the gateway to an eternal river of inner-bliss that naturally unfolds successfulness in everything we do.

Like taming a wild animal, our mind can get crazier and wilder when with any attempt to control it. However, the more frequent we sit and find quietness inside, the more your mind will discover the freedom to play, laugh with life, enjoy the play of duality and transcend all suffering. Only with a calm centered mind and body, we can explore any unknown and are metaphysically opening up the greatest manifesting channels of energy in the Universe.


Learning how to meditate is the secret to perfect mental, emotional and physical health and wealth.  It is imperative that you practice connecting with the spiritual being that you truly are if you want total freedom from suffering. Spiritual connections are what awakens us into a higher state of consciousness.  Meditation opens up our natural manifesting powers, increases our feelings of self appreciation, self approval, and self-love.  It perpetuates this wonderful healing experience that will allow you to attract more of the most positive loving experiences that you desire in your life. 

Meditation is an effortless state of being.  Not doing anything we stop the mental chatter and ego struggle to be more, have more and do more to be happy. In this peaceful awareness our own energy naturally becomes a lesson for ourselves as well for others who want to live a powerful loving and more conscious life.

If you are constantly struggling with life, you are probably not meditating daily.  You are most like attached to your mind (ego), stuck like superglue to the thoughts flowing through you.  By unconsciously experiencing the effects of each thought coming through, you are perpetuating suffering. Stop this mind!

Meditating for 30 minutes a day will clear out the "cobwebs" created by the mind, empowering you to be the commander of your ship.  In a meditative experience you can easily find the route to enjoy sailing towards the destination of your dreams!   Meditation also enables you to be at total peace with life in the midst of the worst possible life situations.  Even after a few moments of reaching complete stillness in the mind, we can really relax about our life, knowing we are totally free beings and a new sense of power and certainty arises inside.

"You need not leave your room.  Remain sitting at your table and listen.  You need not even listen, simply wait. You need not even wait, just learn to become quiet, still and solitary.  The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked.  It has no other choice.  It will roll in ecstasy at your feet."  ~Franz Kafka

I've created an easy way for you to drop into a very deep and powerful experience of silence inside. It's called the Quiet Mind Meditation below. It's free for you to download and experience instantly. This is truly an enlightening and spiritually alive feeling that can remain with you throughout the entire day. 

A quiet mind allows you to see this perfection in others as it is discovering the spiritually awakened being inside yourself.  Life becomes a magical adventure from your "normal" daily reality and transforms into this deeply profound relaxing communion with everyone. 

When your mind finds this stillness and silence inside, you can actually hear the Universe guiding you to make the decisions that bring you into an even higher state of consciousness. The absolute enjoyment of your divinity is yours for the taking... its time to discover the most blissfully expansive peaceful healing stillness within your innermost being...enjoy the meditation!!


Instantly Download my FREE Guided Meditation and Learn How to Meditate Instantly!

Yes, sign me up for your FREE mini-manifesting package that contains enlightened messages that will soothe my soul and empower my life!

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Enlightenment is a process of peeling back the layers of yourself that are resisting being one with your Infinite Nature.  It is an opening of your Divine Essence, to your Universal Being.  When you do, there is a deep stillness...and at the very center of this you'll find a radical spiritual experience.

Enlightenment is available, right now at the innermost core of your being.  Nothing you need to do to achieve it, except relax...really relax.  And rest deeply in the quiet peaceful still center at the heart of your being. 

Do this daily and you will eventually transcend the ego and spiritual "wake up".  Abide in this center every moment of your day and you will find yourself manifesting a rich life, full of joy, compassion, abundance and perpetual bliss.  


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