Why Meditate?


The Essential Secrets to Meditation, Mastering the Material World, and Transcending Suffering


The secrets to mastering the material world and transcending suffering are within you.  It's all about brining more awareness to your inner world.  Learning how to quiet the mind (meditate) is the essential foundation to self-mastery and a profound inner peace. When you quiet the mind, you become free from its grasp on you, and can "control" it.  This illusion of control is a wonderful one, in that we truly discover a place of deep peace, power and creativity inside.

The mind can never totally be controlled, nor would we want to always be in control of it.  That's way to much work and wouldn't allow you to really enjoy your life.  Mind mastery happens when you drop the mind... completely.  When you are free from the clutches of your thoughts and can welcome any experience that comes your way. 

Letting go of the mind doesn't mean you don't think thoughts again, it just means you are not "buying into" their dramatic stories.  This allows you to step into a life of bliss where manifestation of your every single desire becomes very simple and easy.

Meditation is the key in that it enables you to step away from the mind enough to be able to hold it on what you want, instead of what you don't want.  When you are focused on what you want for long enough periods of time, with plenty of emotion behind it, you can attract ANY experience into your life.

When you become the master of your mind, you will automatically and naturally master your life.  There's nothing you do to actually "meditate". If you cannot focus your mind to be present for a few minutes that is OK.  It just means you have experience in being unfocused.  So practice being unfocused and simply sit with it.  Being unfocused and experience your own divine presence.  This is the doorway to enlightenment and what transcending suffering is all about. 

Practice being with what is, and letting everything be as it is.  This will train and tame the mind to truly obey you.  The mind tends to rebel, wander and be restless and thinks it needs more structure or control to attain all the egos goals.  Yet, mind mastery is just the opposite.  When you let go of control and surrender to the infinite source of the soul that you are, you master THIS moment. 

"You need not leave your room.  Remain sitting at your table and listen.  You need not even listen, simply wait. You need not even wait, just learn to become quiet, still and solitary.  The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked.  It has no other choice.  It will roll in ecstasy at your feet."  ~Franz Kafka

Meditation to Mastering the Mind and Transcending SufferingThere are basically two kinds of meditation, the traditional and the non-traditional.  Traditional meditation techniques would include the repetition of an affirmation such as chanting a mantra, or perhaps following your breath, gazing into a candle flame etc. These are done for the sole purpose of training the mind to remain more in the present moment. These techniques use a fixed experience inside or outside the body, such as a thought or idea, to center and still the mind.

With the non-traditional approach, anything and everything you do can become a meditation. Walking to the bus stop, making dinner, washing your clothes, eating, etc.   Just try witnessing the sensation of air passing in and out of your nostrils.  In any experience you can learn how to calm the mind. These everyday experiences become meditative when you bring a mindfulness and a fullness of your being into your experience.

The big question now is how much consciousness and presence can you have while you're washing the dishes? Feeling the warm water run across your hands, the sound of scrubbing the pot, this too can be your ticket to transcending suffering, mastering the material world and entering meditation.



3 Golden Keys to Experiencing Bliss


#1 Relax your entire body.  Sit comfortably in a chair (or on the floor) and release any tension in your body from head to toe.  Imagine your body is filled with relaxing healing energy that releases ANY tension being held inside.  Keep your spine vertical yet relaxed, as if your spine were a gently balanced stack of golden coins.  Let you hands rest comfortably wherever they are.

#2 Sit still and be very quiet inside.  Do not move, yet do not try not to move.  Simply be quiet, solitary and still.  It may help to pretend you are a statue that just happens to breathe on its own.  Don't do anything.  Learning how to meditate happens when all your attention is resting inside.  Pull yourself within this "vertical center" of your body (that runs from the top of your head to the base of your spine) and allow your mind to relax in here.  Eventually it will slow down and stop the mental chatter.  When thoughts arises, just watch and release them as they come.  Notice thoughts without getting caught in them.   Whatever distractions that arise, just let them, and return to being unfocused pure presence.  Simply practice being completely empty, quiet and free. The state of pure unbounded consciousness is your natural state.

#3 Experience your own Presence.  Just experiencing your own presence is a way to transcend the mind.  Focus on being unfocused and experiencing your own presence.  Be patient with taming your mind.  Any results from meditation practice may take from 3 days to 3 months to notice any shifts at all.  If you have been "meditating" for years and feel you're not getting any benefit from it, your mind is still focusing and wandering.  Try relax into being present to stillness.

Be patient with progress...down the road, your meditation practice will have GREAT rewards!  You'll be more centered in times of chaos, more able to manifest what you want physically, and more healthy emotionally, mentally and physically!  The devotion to yourself and constant self-love will be well worth it for years to come!


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Here are a few Ancient Techniques to Quiet The Chattering Mind...

1. Follow your breath.  Don't try to control or change it, simply watch it.  Surrender to it.  Let the Universe breathe you.

2. Repeat one sound for 15 minutes so that it vibrates all throughout your body. A sound like AUM or HUM or HU will do.

3. Look directly into your another persons eyes for 15 minutes, gaze into the center of their eyes and dissolve.

5. Do the same thing yet with your eyes in a mirror.

6. Visualize a flower of light opening in each of your 7 main chakras.  Imagine a brilliant fountain of golden light going up the spine and showering out the top of your head.

7. Practice holding your attention on the space between your thoughts.   stars (pure nothing-ness)

8. Practice surrending to what is here now.  Bring your attention to God, the Universe, Consciousness etc...)

9. At night, focus on the space between the stars.  Let yourself FEEL what is there.  Become that empty space.

10. Focus on a brilliant golden light in your heart shining from an eternal source all throughout the day.

11. Dive into the silence between your heartbeats.

Remember that inner peace is always a choice...



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