Jafree’s 90 Day Foolproof
Fertility Method

16 Steps Guaranteed to Increase Fertility
and Get You Pregnant Naturally...

By Jafree Ozwald

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"There are basically two movements of consciousness: Love and Fear. Love is allowing what is and fear is resisting it." ~ Nirmala

For every woman in this world who is struggling to reach pregnancy, I am about to give you a magical wand that will empower you to easily get pregnant the natural way in the next 90 days or less!

 I know this may sound too good to be true, yet you must learn how to stop worrying about getting pregnant, and start behaving like you're about to become a mother! 

The great law of manifesting applies to all aspects of life, and yes even to your womb. The secret here is learning how to shift gears, have fun with the 16 steps below, and enjoy the process of manifesting a new baby. Get ready to welcome a new baby to be part of your future family!

Below are the most effective techniques I've found that will increase your natural ability of getting pregnant. By implementing all 16 of these powerful fertility formulas, you will increase your vibration and manifest a solid pregnancy into your life within the next 90 days. Get ready to take charge of your fertility and become pregnant the natural way. Enjoy!

The 16 Steps Guaranteed to Increase Fertility and become Pregnant in 90 Days or Less

Click to Download the PDF Ebook for FREE!!

1. For the first few minutes each morning, visualize and FEEL that there ALREADY is a happy healthy fetus in your belly!  Repeat the words with great excitement, "Yippee! I am pregnant! Yeaaa!"  Continue repeating this happy successful feeling/thought as often as you can throughout your day. See how long you can hold onto the positive feeling, so that it grows stronger every time you think it. Talk with the soul of your baby, thanking it for coming into your body and your life.  Practice relaxing into the feeling that your baby is inside you now, having gratitude that this loving benevolent Universe brought your baby to you in a natural effortless way.

2. Look into the mirror every morning and practice loving, accepting and appreciating yourself exactly as you are. Love your body as it is. Allow for your imperfections to be there and let them create a deeper acceptance and intimacy with yourself. Know that each stress in your life is a teacher to attain higher wisdom, so it's best to welcome them. Commit to being gentle with yourself everyday for the next 90 days, and for the rest of your life. Know that the more frequently you can create peace within yourself, accepting yourself exactly as you are, the easier it is for your body to totally relax and reclaim your natural fertile state.

3. Visualize many times every day, the image of your man’s hard loving cock deep inside you. As you get aroused with this thought, imagine your womb is a warm welcoming pink happy environment that is joyfully receiving millions of his happily swimming sperms! Breathe these images deeply into your womb, feeling the sensation that your uterus is radiating with pink warm fuzzy healing light energy. Visualize this pink energy growing inside your womb, expanding up into your heart, and overflowing with happiness all throughout your body.

4. Flip the switch on any struggling negative pregnancy attitude you've had, and create a new super relaxed positive approach about getting pregnant! Tell your partner everyday that you love him and appreciate him. Get him to read this article and become the team player of your 90 day manifestation program. Let him know he is doing a great job at supporting you in the baby making process, and that you're not worried anymore because you trust that it will happen at the perfect time. Practice leading the way with trust, recognizing that there is only perfect timing in the Universe. Make the agreement to share ONLY positive life affirming messages with each other around the baby making experience.

5. Read a few pages or more from my Manifesting Manual everyday. The consciousness found inside this magical book will help you to accept the fact that you are a super powerful manifesting being who can magnetize any circumstance or physical "miracle" baby that you desire. This will help you to feel deep in your heart that you are a divine God-Being who has the power to command your body to be fertile and lovingly receive a baby.

6. Do 30 minutes of gentle Fertility Yoga several days a week. Stretch into the deepest most relaxed feminine energy inside you, feeling connected to the "cosmic womb" of the Universe. Let go of all stress and tension relaxing into the most healing connection you can find. Here is a great Fertility Yoga Video for you to experience.

7. Take long healing walks in nature, thinking warm soft positive thoughts about yourself, your lover and your life. Let go of any stressful thoughts, releasing them gently through your breath. When coming home take a warm bath and relax your body and mind deeply for at least 20 minutes. Practice bringing your mind to stillness, letting go of all mind chatter, freeing your mind from worrying or dwelling on any negative doubts.  Turn worry into wonder!  Breathe, be still and relax. If you have trouble with meditating, listen to any of my manifesting meditations, especially the Guided Healing Mind, Body and Soul Meditation inside my 90 Day Super Manifesting Program.

8. Practice being a highly sensual being who is opening each day to full sexuality. Give yourself 100% permission to touch yourself and masturbate frequently. This opens your energy channels, creating a super happy positive healing cocktail of chemicals in your brain that is fun and healing for the soul. Best of all, it will turn on your lover! If you're aroused in public, gently rest your healing hands on your lower belly (aiming towards the uterus) and imagine the pink light flowing from your hands into the uterus.

9. Receive as much physical touch from other human beings as you can. Hold hands with your best girl friends while walking, talking and having lunch. Give and receive at least 5 long loving hugs from the most warm sensitive people you know each day. Take time to receive a gentle loving healing massage at least twice a week, preferably from your lover.

10. Create an energetic bond with your man so that he learns how to receive you, be relaxed in your female energy and bond energetically with your heart. Physically be touching your lover as often and frequently as you can. This may at first feel suffocating, yet will soon transform into a deep state of oneness with him. This is a very important key for both bodies to totally psychologically and emotionally relax, to instigate the deepest connection and reach the highest fertility. The forms of touch may include cuddling on the couch, holding hands in public and at home, gentle healing massages, falling asleep in the "spoon" position, or just touching your feet underneath the dinner table. Let your lover touch you and touch your lover with total peace and gentleness inside. Be as soft, loving, gentle and as sweet as an baby angel would be.

11. Create a nightly sacred ritual around bedtime. Spend 10 minutes (before sleeping or love making) looking silently into each others eyes with dim light and soft music. You may say what you appreciate about the other, yet there is no need to say anything. Just practice soul gazing, looking into your lover's eyes and connecting with the heart and soul. Never try to make love out of fear, worry, rushing, or in any forceful controlling manner. Simply make love when you feel the attraction is strong and the love is there for your partner and you.

12. If you tend to be the first to get into bed, read something calming or inspiring, listen to calming music, repeat the magic mantra of "I am a super fertile woman", meditate on the rising/falling of your breath, and never ever watch TV, be on the internet, or check your email in bed. Make sure that your bed is the most healing loving space that you know of on Earth. When you fall asleep with your lover, it's energetically healing to be touching some part of the body (feet, legs, arms or hands) with each other, which will bring about the most calming healing heart energy into the morning.

13. Buy an ovulation test kit. When you find out when your ovulation date is, plan it with your partner to make slow passionate love as frequently as you both are capable of doing it. Let go of putting any pressure on him or yourself to perform or show up in any certain way. Be relaxed about your date, let the sexual energy flow and enjoy the experience. 

14. Embody the magical practice of Tantra and sacred sexuality. Tantra is the art of expanding the heart, so take time to practice Tantric Intimacy as often as possible. Watch this Tantric Love Making Video for more insights on what Tantra is and how to do it.

15. Immediately after your man ejaculates inside you, lie on your back and put your legs up against the wall for at least 20 minutes so all his amazing sperm seep deep inside you. It's good to gently massage your clitoris in this position, opening up your energy inside. Visualize your egg is being penetrated by his strongest healthiest sperm. Relax and receive the pleasure from this healing fertility creating experience.

16. Lastly, practice removing all emotional and psychological pressure from yourself and your partner. Simply enjoy the divine lovemaking experience that you get to have with him without any expectations about what manifests from it. Be playful, light, have fun, and do not make getting pregnant into some highly serious heavy stay at home "project". Trust that your body is magical and your uterus is beautiful and functioning perfectly!  Learn how to let go of control and enjoy the spiritual process of trusting in a higher power than you. Enjoy your pregnancy process!

Sending tons of amazing fertility energy your way and a super easy pregnancy for you both!!

Jafree Ozwald

Why It's Been Challenging to Get Pregnant and How to Overcome It!

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The main thing on this journey to motherhood is to understand that you are dealing with a massive amount of tension and pressure around having a baby. A majority may be coming from your partner, family, parents, or all the over demanding high expectations found in our western society around having a baby. Stress is the leading cause of infertility. It can come from struggles with money, work, relationships, health, energy, sleep, or even trouble integrating the psychological aspect of having a fat pregnant female body. 

All of this emotional tension and compounded stress factors create a non-receptive environment inside the womb of the average healthy female body.  Our modern day society has tried to compensate for this tension, creating an overly controlled birthing facility in hospitals, where a mid-wife and a natural non-invasive nurturing birthing environment would be perceived as irrational and risky. It's good to know that society has evolved again, and there are more natural and enlightened ways to give birth available now.

A woman is naturally a very relaxed receptive being who is overflowing with calming nurturing healing energy. In her highest state she naturally radiates a motherly unconditional love for all beings, including her friends, family and even the entire community. When a woman's body is filled with tension and fear everyday, it creates a highly infertile environment for a fetus to grow in, which then adds onto her mountain of stress which was building up inside. It often happens to the typical couple who after several months of accurately timed attempts to create a home pregnancy, they end up resorting to their local doctor to ingest whatever fertility drugs recommended, or use super expensive unnatural fertilization methods suggested. These invasive methods often end up creating more emotional, financial and psychological stress for couples than is necessary and don't always work.

"To fear mistakes is to fear life. You have to be ready to make mistakes. The only thing is not to make the same mistake again. Only the man who avoids all mistakes but is not afraid to make new ones, lives and learns. And he is also the only one who ever wins too."  ~Osho

The foundation of my fertility program is about creating a highly receptive healing environment for the woman and her partner, so that she is able to fully relax into her body, feel deeply at ease in her life, and reach her body's highest biological fertile state. When this deep sense of ease infuses into the cells and tissues of the female body for 21 days, a new highly fertile environment is naturally recreated in the womb. If you do a half hour of research on google, you'll soon find many miraculous stories about women around the world who've had their doctor tell them they have zero chance of getting pregnant, only to prove their doctors wrong by following their own natural instinct! There was even one documented case of a woman who had her uterus completely surgically removed and somehow a fetus unbelievably grew on the wall high up inside her vagina, and she actually carried the baby full term and is alive today!

When I researched these struggling couples who got pregnant the natural way, they often revealed their "magic fertility formulas" which they used for getting pregnant. Some people said it was the power of their faith, others used guided visualizations and breath to physically change their body, some improved their diet, used acupuncture, yoga, meditation, or just had sex at the right time of the month. Whatever technique they used, they ALL had to step into a more relaxing stress free attitude towards getting pregnant, and they made the decision that is was POSSIBLE to get pregnant without the use of artificial methods.  They all had to surround themselves with a positive personal belief system and support structure which they felt aligned with and made them feel confident about their future.

"All things are created twice. There's a mental or first creation, and a physical or second creation to all things. Begin with the end in mind." ~ Stephen Covey

I think what first made me a firm believer in this natural fertility method was discovering the massive number of couples who had attempted to get pregnant with artificial assistance, only one day to finally give up and resort to adopting a child. It happened very often that within a few months after the adoption papers were signed they spontaneously, naturally, and miraculously conceived their first child! When the psychological stress was removed, the couple regained their natural fertile state. If you need specific facts and more conventional information on fertility and getting pregnant, there's a great book called, "Taking Charge of your Fertility". It's highly educational, and will surely open your eyes to realizing that you have more power and control than you thought you had in this baby making process.

So let's begin my FREE 90 day foolproof fertility program!  Start with noticing where you're at emotionally and psychologically in your pregnancy creation process. How do you feel most of the day about it?  Observe your mind for 24 hours and see how often it's focusing on feelings of frustration, impatience, feeling disempowered, incapable, useless, or completely hopeless. Just watch the mind without judgment and without falling into it's story. Practice refocusing the mind back on what IS RIGHT, what IS WORKING and what you DO HAVE, instead of letting it complain about what you DON'T HAVE and what is NOT working. Whatever thoughts the mind focuses upon is exactly what the Universe hears that what we end up manifesting. By shifting your creative attention to positive thinking, while feeling inside that your baby is already on its way, you'll soon see how powerful you are in this manifesting process.

It is my personal experience in life that every human being has the natural manifesting ability to shape shift their reality to attract, create and magnetize anything they want, wish, need or desire. I've discovered that manifesting is our natural birthright, and every woman has this innate magnetic power to become pregnant and create a strong healthy baby. The purpose of this article is to awaken this manifesting power that may be "sleeping" inside you, so that you realize how to ignite miracles in your life by your own free will. Yes, we are all super powerful manifesting machines, we just need to claim it!

I've discovered through working with thousands of people from all around the world that with the right knowledge, beliefs and actions, anyone can manifest a miracle in their lives. I've personally coached them how to manifest and attract whatever they want into their lives. What I've found out is that this manifesting power can be awakened in anyone with the use of my 90 Day Super Manifesting Program! Just following this program for 6 days a week, I guarantee you will experience a dramatic shift in your energy, attitude and ability to manifest a baby faster than you may imagine.

 The ancient manifesting secrets inside my Manifesting Manual will empower you to remain centered, peaceful and focused positively on attaining your desire to manifest a baby. You'll be able to feel consistently positive about getting pregnant, and feel confident about your fertility without going into fear. From this super peaceful and fearless place it becomes effortless to manifest a baby into your womb. Please remember that whatever your doctor told you is just one person's opinion. You are the main authority of your life! Amazing mind blowing miracles are happening to people all over this planet every single day. Your ability to become pregnant is always within reach of your own power.

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"God is there only if you surrender. Surrender makes anything God. Surrender gives you the eyes, and everything that is brought to these eyes becomes Divine. Trust life. Trust God. With trust, something immense opens up." ~Osho  


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