Water Thoughts


The Healing Effect That Your

Thoughts Can Have Upon Water


How to Heal Any Disease Using the Power of Your Mind

By Jafree Ozwald

Did You Know... your physical body consists of 70% water and is an amazing electromagnetic conductor! It is continuously impacted by the negative or positive words you speak into it. Your head acts like a loud speaker. Every word spoken through your mind (and mouth) is echoing a vibration throughout every cell in your system. 

On the road to healing oneself, the first thing is to understand is what being human actually means. Our physical bodies are a reflection of the thoughts we think. The decisions we make each day shape our physical form, and this is what we feel inside and see in the mirror.

Who we believe we are in the world is a product of our thoughts and imagination. All our thoughts, beliefs and intentions unfold the reality we see around us everyday. If we that believe that something is real or true, then it is so.

How The Mind Manifests

All Physical Diseases

Physical disease manifests in the body as a way of waking ourselves up. We are here to enjoy this life. If we are caught in a pattern of not enjoying life, and not feeling at ease with ourselves or anyone around us, we must take action or retreat! Disease is the one thing that stops everyone from living an unhealthy life. It is also one of the greatest spiritually awakening agent we know of.

Thoughts are things. The thoughts you think are physically received by your body as you are thinking them. Living in an unhappy, unsatisfied and uneasy energy for long periods of time, we start walking around projecting this energy into everyone and everything in our outer world. We may start criticizing, judging and blaming others (and ourselves) for this energy we feel inside and thus weaken our life energy even further.

With negative energy building up inside, we tend to overextend ourselves mentally, emotionally or physically. Eating a poor diet, little exercise, little sunlight, and can for long periods of time. As we are not listening to the body's need for rest and stillness and eventually empty out our life energy reserves. We become depleted of healing energy, and a state of disharmony with our environment and dis-ease inside our body begins to manifest.

Signs that we are reaching closer to a disease manifestation is that everyday we constantly feel uptight, anxious, weak, agitated, easily aggravated, and all of these are signs that we are susceptible to manifesting an actual physical disease.

If we go though life being angry and negative towards others (or ourselves) we generate a field of negative energy in our aura. It impacts all molecules in that field of energy and can extend up to 8 meters away. If you're a sensitive person, you can feel someone in a room who is not a happy person. Their energy feels like a hard heavy weight that pulls everyone down in their path.

The impact of another's energy can affect us over time. If we are around a negative person daily, eventually these negative thought patterns create negative energy fields in ourselves, and disrupt our own body’s healthy physical functioning. If we do not take a proactive healing approach to the situation, confronting the person with their negative thought patterns, we may eventually get pulled into their negativity with them. If we then own that negative state as our own, disease starts to manifest.

If you read the book, Hidden Messages in Water, you'll find out about Mr Emoto's world famous experiment with thought projections onto water and how he scientifically proved that thoughts actually change the physical molecule structure of the cell. 

 "The body is very much like a sponge and is composed of trillions of chambers called cells that hold liquid. The quality of our life is directly connected to the quality of our water." ~Stace Sharp

These microscopic photographs (below) are of actual water molecules at near freezing temperatures that have been exposed to hateful and loving thoughts and feelings.

You can see that thoughts have a powerful, clear and crystal-like effect on water molecules when are exposed to loving words.  Whereas, water exposed to unloving words has imperfect and harsher looking unclear patterns.

“Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.” ~ Gary Zukav

It's easy to see here what the vibration of love truly looks like INSIDE our body! It has been scientifically proven to create a shape that is symmetrical, beautiful and a structure that feels good to look at!

"The energy or vibrations of the environment will change the molecular shape of water. In this sense water not only has the ability to visually reflect the environment but it also molecularly reflects the environment." ~Stace Sharp

The perfect state of physical healing is the physical manifestation of billions of these molecules throughout our body. All the molecules in our body are directly effected by the words, sounds and thoughts they are exposed to. 

How to Release All Disease and

Begin Your Healing Process

To begin healing you body you first need to make the decision to only speak positive powerful words for your body to hear. This alone will create amazing shifts in your physical body on a molecular level.  This practice will send loving thoughts and feeling into every cell throughout your entire body, you will feel much more healing, love, joy and connection with others than ever before!

The more loving energy you send towards yourself, the healthier you will be and the more energy you will have.  Self-love will literally create a physical healing reaction throughout the body.

As you send more and more positive loving thoughts to yourself, you will hit a "breaking point" where the dis-eased physical cells throughout your body will have mirror the internal dialog. They will follow the majority of the tribe, shifting their DNA pattern back to one of being healed and normal. 

This healing process can take anywhere from 3 -6 weeks depending on how much resistance you have to FEELING the positive thoughts resonating inside your body. Do not let time limits constrain you. Anything is possible. There is scientific documentation of tumors being healed in under 3 minutes with the projection of positive thoughts. Please visit my healing center for more information on how to heal your body and life!  I also have a high vibration online Super Manifestation Program that is guaranteed to increase your vibration and help you manifest anything you want.  Try it out for 90 days and you'll shift your entire life in the most amazing ways!  Enjoy!

Learn More about How Thoughts Change Water Molecules in Emotos Book...

The Power of Thoughts on Water

Written by Stace Sharp

The photographs and information in this article reflect the work of
Masaru Emoto, a creative and visionary Japanese researcher. Mr. Emoto has published an mind-blowing book, The Hidden Messages in Water ,from the findings of his worldwide research.

If you have any doubt that your thoughts affect everything in, and around you, the information and photographs that are presented here, taken from the book of his published results, will change your mind and alter your beliefs deeply and profoundly.

From Mr. Emotos work we are provided with factual evidence, that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water, the very same water that comprises over seventy percent of a mature human body and covers the same amount of our planet. Water is the very source of all life on this planet, its quality and integrity are vitally important to all forms of life. The body is very much like a sponge and is composed of trillions of chambers called cells that hold liquid. The quality of our life is directly connected to the quality of our water.

Water is a very malleable substance. Its physical shape easily adapts to whatever environment is present. But its physical appearance is not the only thing that changes; its molecular shape also changes. The energy or vibrations of the environment will change the molecular shape of water. In this sense water not only has the ability to visually reflect the environment but it also molecularly reflects the environment.

Mr. Emoto has been visually documenting these molecular changes in water by means of his photographic techniques. He freezes droplets of water and then examines them under a dark field microscope that has photographic capabilities. His work clearly demonstrates the diversity of the molecular structure of water and the effect of the environment upon the structure of the water.

Snow has been falling on the earth for more than a few million years. Each snowflake, as we have been told, has a very unique shape and structure. By freezing water and taking a photograph of the structure, as Mr. Emoto has done, you get incredible information about the water.

Mr. Emoto has discovered many fascinating differences in the crystalline structures of water from many different sources and different conditions around the planet. Water from pristine mountain streams and springs show the beautifully formed geometric designs in their crystalline patterns. Polluted and toxic water from industrial and populated areas and stagnated water from water pipes and storage dams show definitively distorted and randomly formed crystalline structures.

Spring Water of Saijo, Japan

Spring Water of Sanbuichi Yusui, Japan

Antarctic Ice

Fountain in Lourdes, France

Biwako Lake, the largest lake at the center of Japan
and the water pool of the Kinki Region. Pollution is getting worse.

Yodo River, Japan, pours into the Bay of Osaka.
 The river passes through most of the major cities in Kasai.

Fujiwara Dam, before offering a prayer

Fujiwara Dam, after offering a prayer

With the recent popularity in music therapy, Mr. Emoto decided to see what effects music has on the structuring of water. He placed distilled water between two speakers for several hours and then photographed the crystals that formed after the water was frozen.

Beethoven's Pastorale

 Bach's " Air for the G string "

Tibet Sutra

Kawachi Folk Dance

Heavy Metal Music

After seeing water react to different environmental conditions, pollution and music, Mr. Emoto and colleagues decided to see how thoughts and words affected the formation of untreated, distilled, water crystals, using words typed onto paper by a word processor and taped on glass bottles overnight. The same procedure was performed using the names of deceased persons. The waters were then frozen and photographed.

Untreated Distilled Water

Love and Appreciation

Thank You

You Make Me Sick . I Will Kill You

Adolph Hitler

Mother Teresa

These photographs show the incredible reflections of water, as alive and highly responsive to every one of our emotions and thoughts. It is quite clear that water easily takes on the vibrations and energy of its environment, whether toxic and polluted or naturally pristine.

Masaru Emoto's extraordinary work is an awesome display, and powerful tool, that can change our perceptions of ourselves and the world we live in, forever. We now have profound evidence that we can positively heal and transform ourselves and our planet by the thoughts we choose to think and the ways in which we put those thoughts into action. 

~Written by Stace Sharp

Photographs are from, "The Messages from Water," by Masaru Emoto.  Photographs are reproduced here by exclusive permission from the publisher to The Wellness Goods Company Inc.  This article is Copyright Protected by : Stace Sharp and The Wellness Goods Company Inc.


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Enlightening Facts I'll Bet You Didn't Know About Water...

The human body is made up of 65% water, and 70% of the brain is pure water!

Four hundred gallons of water are recycled through our kidneys each day.

People need about 2.5 quarts of water a day (from drinking or eating) to maintain good health.

A person can live without water for approximately one week, depending upon the conditions.

5% of the world owns a shower and which uses 2% of the world's water source.

40% of world lacks clean water

About 2 gallons of water are used brushing your teeth twice daily.

Flushing a toilet takes 2.5 gallons per flush.

Letting the faucet run uses 3-5 gallons per minute.

Ignoring a leaky faucet uses 2700 gallons per year.

About 25 -50 gallons are needed for a tub bath.

A 10 minute shower can use 25 - 50 gallons of water.

High flow shower heads spew water out at 6 - 10 gallons a minute.

Low flow shower heads can cut the rate in half without reducing pressure.

Ninety-seven percent of the earth's water is saltwater in oceans and seas.

Of the 3% that is freshwater, only 1% is available for drinking - the remaining 2% is frozen in the polar ice caps.

Water serves as nature's thermometer, helping to regulate the earth's temperature.

Once evaporated, a water molecule spends ten days in the air.

Forty trillion gallons of water a day are carried in the atmosphere across the United States.

An acre of corn gives off 4,000 gallons of water per day in evaporation.

About 2 gallons of water go down the drain when the kitchen faucet is run until the water's cold.

It takes about four times the amount of water to produce food and fiber than all other uses of water combined.

About 4,000 gallons of water are needed to grow one bushel of corn, 11,000 gallons to grow one bushel of wheat, and about 135,000 gallons to grow one ton of alfalfa.

It takes about 1,000 gallons of water to grow the wheat to make a two pound loaf of bread, and about 120 gallons to produce one egg.

About 1,400 gallons of water are used to produce a meal of a quarter- pound hamburger, an order of fries and a soft drink.

About 48,000 gallons are needed to produce the typical American Thanksgiving dinner for eight people.

Forty percent of the atmosphere's moisture falls as precipitation each day.

It would take 1.1 trillion gallons of water to cover one square mile with one foot of water.
One gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds; one cubic foot contains 7.84 gallons of water.

While usage varies from community to community and person to person, on average, Americans use 183 gallons of water a day for cooking, washing, flushing, and watering purposes.

The average family turns on the tap between 70 and 100 times daily.

About 74% of home water usage is in the bathroom, about 21% is for laundry and cleaning, and about 5% is in the kitchen.

A clothes washer uses about 50 gallons of water (the permanent press cycle uses an additional 15 gallons).

It takes 12 to 20 gallons of water to run an automatic dishwasher for one cycle. 

About 1,800 gallons of water are needed to produce the cotton in a pair of jeans, and 400 gallons to produce the cotton in a shirt.

It takes 39,000 gallons of water to produce the average domestic auto, including tires.

Producing an average-size Sunday newspaper requires about 150 gallons of water.
Water makes up 80% of an earthworm, 

70% of a chicken, and 70% of an elephant.

Water makes up 90% of a tomato, 80% of pineapples and corn, and 70% of a tree.

About 60,000 public water systems across the United States process 34 billion gallons of water per day for home and commercial use. Eighty-five percent of the population is served by these facilities. The remaining 15percent rely on 13 million private.

It can take up to 45 minutes for a water supplier to produce one glass of drinking water.

You can refill an 8 oz. glass of water approximately 15,000 times for the same cost as a six pack of soda pop.  And, water has no sugar or caffeine.

An average of 800,000 water wells are drilled each year in the United States. That's tapping into our underground water supplies at approximately 100 times each hour for domestic, farming, and commercial needs.
The United States and Canada have about one million miles of pipelines and aqueducts - enough to circle the planet 40 times.

The most common substance found on earth is water. Water is the only substance found naturally in three forms: solid, liquid, and gas.
The amount of water is constant and recycled throughout time; actually, it is possible to drink water that was part of the dinosaur era.

Inspiring Quotes About Water

"Enlightenment is the moment when the wave realizes that it is water." -Thich Nhat Hanh

" Water is the King of Food"  ~ Nigerian proverb

"Water is H2O, hydrogen two parts, oxygen one, but there is also a third thing, that makes water and nobody knows what that is." D.H. LAWRENCE (1885-1930), Pansies, 1929

"If there is magic on this plant, it is contained in water." LORAN EISELY

"There is no small pleasure in water" Ovid 43 BC

"When the well's dry, we know the worth of water." Ben Franklin (1706-1790)

"Water is the best of all things." Pindar (522- 438 B.C.),

"Life originated in the sea, and about eighty percent of it is still there." ISAAC ASIMOV, Isaac Asimov's Book of Science and Nature Quotations, 1988

"All the water that will ever be is, right now." National Geographic, October 1993

"If you gave me several million years, there would be nothing that did not grow in beauty if it were surrounded by water." JAN ERIK VOLD, What All The World Knows, 1970

"Water, thou hast no taste, no color, no odor; canst not be defined, art relished while ever mysterious. Not necessary to life, but rather life itself, thou fillest us with a gratification that exceeds the delight of the senses." ANTOINE DE SAINT-EXUPERY (1900-1944), Wind, Sand, and Stars, 1939

"Between earth and earth's atmosphere, the amount of water remains constant; there is never a drop more, never a drop less. This is a story of circular infinity, of a planet birthing itself." LINDA HOGAN, Northern Lights, Autumn 1990

"If you could tomorrow morning make water clean in the world, you would have done, in one fell swoop, the best thing you could have done for improving human health by improving environmental quality." WILLIAM C. CLARK, speech, Racine, Wisconsin, April 1988

"In every glass of water we drink, some of the water has already passed through fishes, trees, bacteria, worms in the soil, and many other organisms, including people..." ELLIOT A. NORSE, in R.J. Hoage, ed., Animal Extinctions, 1985

"The oceans are the plant's last great living wilderness, man's only remaining frontier on earth, and perhaps his last chance to produce himself a rational species." JOHN L. CULLNEY, Wilderness Conservation, October 1990

"Only those people that have directly experienced the wetlands that line the shore...can appreciate their mystic qualities. The beauty of rising mists at dusk, the ebb and flow of the tides, the merging of fresh and salt waters, the turmoil of wind and rain." GOVERNOR'S TASK FORCE ON MARINE AND COASTAL AFFAIRS, "Delaware: Wetlands," 1972

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