The Manifesting Meditation

Manifesting is the science of how we can easily and effortlessly materialize our desires into the physical world.  Manifesting is possible by increasing the vibration within your body, with your mind, and holding the vision of what you choose to experience in your world. 

Manifesting any desired outcome happens when we are truly imagining that we are experiencing what we want, while being open and receptive to the Universe. The more open and trusting we can become, the easier those things, people and experiences we want just magically materialize into our lives! The key to manifesting is staying connected to the FEELING as if your desired outcome is already here now!

This is where the experience of meditation comes in.  Meditation is a quieting of the mind, where we come into a deep place of silence, inner peace and stillness inside.  Meditation empowers you to hold on to your vision, while tapping into the infinite reservoir of fuel behind the manifesting machine that you already are!  When we bridge the gap between these two experiences of Manifesting and Meditation, we create a vehicle that will skyrocket you towards your desired outcome!

There is a great power within you that to manifest anything your heart desires.  Whether it is an abundant financial situation, a physical healing, satisfying relationships, the ideal career, or a spiritual awakening.  Awaken this sleeping energy deep inside you and you'll naturally, effortlessly manifest it all.


How Does Manifesting Actually Work?

It is important to know that practicing your manifesting meditation everyday for years may not be enough to manifest a BIG desire if you are carrying  emotional or mental heaviness, such as a burden, baggage, trauma or wound from your past.  These wounds act like "leaks" during the manifesting meditation, and you may unconsciously channeling the golden manifesting energy to work on healing your past instead of recreating your future.  Do not worry this is part of the manifesting process.  With enough inner healing work and manifesting meditations you'll find you attract your desires to you easily and effortlessly. 

Each time you do this Manifesting Meditation you will increase your energy and ability to attract your dreams into your Reality faster and easier than you could imagine!  If you do this for 3 days and find no results with The Manifesting Meditation you may have some deeper knots in your system that need to be untangled.  If you wish to be 100% sure you will manifest your desires it requires boosting the energy in all areas of your life.  Like a steam train that has gotten off track, the manifesting momentum requires the right friction and smoothness to find its track again.  The proper engine, fuel, momentum and combustion for this manifesting machine is contained with the 8 habits manifesting routine found in "How To Raise Your Manifesting Vibration!" 

The scientific explanation goes somewhat like this.  When you are visualizing yourself experiencing your desired outcome in a powerful, centered and highly energized space, you are creating extremely positively charged thoughts and sub-atomic particles/waves. These thoughts don't just stay in your head, in fact in the USA and Russia there have been thousands of scientific experiments have proven that thoughts are not just contained to the vicinity of our head, yet can be felt and heard miles away.

Have you ever thought about someone and all the sudden they call you on the phone? Thoughts have no boundaries, meaning that they travel anywhere and everywhere. It may feel bizarre to believe that your thoughts are not private, yet the real truth is they are not even "your" thoughts. These particles/waves are just passing through you and it just so happens we become identified with them emotionally and start believing they belong to us!

You see, the Universe is made up of zillions of these energy wave/particles that are deeply connected, intelligent, and yes contain consciousness. Yes the Universe is conscious energy.  This super rich Universe is an intimate soup of powerful energy that is consciously listening to every thought and feeling you have.  So if you have only positive thoughts and feelings about something, you're telling the Universe that that something is positively in your life!

The energy and vibrations you constantly send into the Universe from the Manifesting Meditation are much more focused and powerful.  The create a Universal communication that is like blasting it through 100 ft tall loud speakers, communicating that you already HAVE exactly what you want and are so happy inside.  When you are truly coming from a place of peace and inner stillness deep inside, the Universe "feels" this as well, and relays those appropriate wave/particles into your direction that match your vibration.  So if you can truly feel like a millionaire deep deep down, the Universe will manifest that physically for you.

It is important to know that there are often many mental, emotional and energetic blocks stopping us from manifesting what we want, when we want it. For instance, past issues with relationships, finances, career or health can cause these leaks in your manifesting vibration to not have a real burning desire for you what you want to manifest or make your mind easily distractible. 

These leaks can take minutes, days, months or years to heal.  It all depends on your willingness to acknowledge which area of your life is suffering and making time to let it go and bring it back to wholeness and healing.  However, even if you have a few leaks in the system (which most of us do), you can manifest results faster and easier by doing the Manifesting Meditation everyday, rather than not.  In fact you can manifest a whole healthy healed energy in your body and repair all these leaks if you have the will power to do so! 

The Manifesting Meditation below will help you manifest your life dreams and desires faster and easier.  Feel free to do this manifesting meditation as many times as you wish, and share it with whomever you please. It's possible for everyone to start living a more empowering life that they love!

Before you begin the Manifesting Meditation, decide on what you want to manifest. Take some time to think about this and decide on one thing that you are willing to do this meditation on for at least the next 3 days. Now it may take you more or less than 3 days to create what you want, it just depends on how high your vibration already is, how big are your emotional and mental blocks to receiving and experiencing your desire, and the magnitude that you feel your desire holds for you in your future. Once you decide on what you want, start to SEE and FEEL yourself doing this one thing.

This Manifesting Meditation will turn you into a Manifesting Magnet!

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