You are taking a BIG step here in FULLY waking up to realize the whole Truth. Many people on Earth are still asleep and unaware of the fact that the governments have publicly confirmed that we are part of an Intergalactic Community!

On May 2013, the Canadian Military has officially announced their awareness of 4 different ET species (beings from other planets) that have been visiting our Earth for thousands of years. If you don't believe it watch this video below...



If you are new to the UFO world, and your mind is completely skeptical...this is good. Keep doing your research. The truth will find you when you are open to it.

The information collected on this page may take you months to digest. Not just because there is 15 years of UFO research information here, yet because your mind may not be able to integrate the truth in its entirety because its so life altering.

The AMAZING Truth I've Discovered Is This... 

There are many types of extraterrestrial beings in this Universe. Some look like us, others look like a humanoid mix with animals, reptiles, or tall/short alien type creatures we have seen in the movies.

Some ET's have a power hungry control and dominate the world disposition and are the harmful destructive beings the media has educated you about... while actually most ET's are benevolent, highly intelligent, and deeply loving.

Why are most ET's benevolent?

Think of the 7+ billion people on earth. What percentage of human beings are "good natured" or friendly in some way, and what percentage want to truly dominate and destroy others and this world? 

 I've traveled this planet for the past 25 years and have met thousands of people from almost every culture and country. The one thing I can say about this world is that 99.9% of human beings generally have a healthy good nature and a very very small portion are malevolent. 

This percentage also applies to our intergalactic community, because what shows up on our microscopic level is also occurring on the macro level.

  Through all the extraterrestrial research I've done through the past decade, I've realized one essential fact to be true that humanity has not fully embraced quite yet. The truth is that we are being protected by our intergalactic community who have seeded human species on earth over 3 million years ago.

 When archeologists take a look at human skulls they find, there is NO EVOLUTION of the skull to reach the homosapien species. The evolution obviously shifted over millions of years from Neanderthal into Cro-Magnon and then all of the sudden out of no where comes a radically different shaped skull called Homo Sapiens.

It simply is scientific proof that our DNA was mixed with DNA from a source outside of Earth.

Here's more interesting facts that we are protected by our intergalactic community. In 2012 scientist studying the Sun knew that the solar flares were getting stronger each year and could engulf our planet at anytime and destroy all satellite communications and potentially all life on Earth.

In this video below is a clip of a large plasma sphere that is approximately this size of our planet. Astronomers from around the world all recorded this exact same phenomena and most believed the sphere was stealing energy from our sun.

However, there a few astronomers who have personal connections with ET's were told that this sphere was injecting a type of calming "sun serum" into the sun to save our world from destruction.

Since the injection occurred we have not heard of any possible violent solar flare activity being produced by the sun. Watch this video below to view the plasma sphere and see for yourself...


This next video is a series of clips that were leaked out from someone working for NASA.  This is real NASA footage just to show you that our solar system is a huge parking lot for light ships. There are more light ships out there than you can imagine...

Nobody can convince you that UFOs are part of our everyday world. You will need to realize it for yourself. Just like in the movie The Matrix. You will need to Free your Mind from the prison it was enslaved in.


 In order to fully accept our intergalactic community as a planet, we must expand our mind to experience just How Massive Our Truly Universe Is. Watch this video to expand your mind now.

From this expanded understanding you'll see that the Universe is just waaaaay too big to not contain other highly advanced intelligent life out there!! 

(this is video super cool)

How can one be so arrogant and ignorant to believe that we humans are the ONLY ones out there. Just consider that there are over 10,000 Scientifically Proven UFO crop circles created every year and scientists now know for an absolute fact that they cannot be created by humans.


Fascinating Facts About Our Milky Way Galaxy!

1. Our Milky Way Galaxy is 110,000 light years in diameter and contains up to 400 billion suns. 


2. The spiral on our Milky Way galaxy moves at a speed which takes 250 million years to complete one full revolution. This is just our little galaxy! 


3. There are BILLIONS of galaxies in the Universe just like ours, and some even bigger!!




This planet you're living on called Earth is spinning around the Sun at 67,000 mph and we are traveling 584 million miles per year. That's just our little solar system.

If you look out much much further into the night sky you'll find that we are also spinning around inside a much larger community of suns (suns) that are swirling together called the Milky Way.  Our solar system is about 2/3 to the middle which is 25,000 light years from the center. 

This means if you travel 186,000 miles PER SECOND for 25,000 years, you'll reach the center of just our Milky Way Galaxy.




If you could manifest a spaceship to take you from Earth the center of our Milky Way, when you arrive you'd find a massive black hole there which is a mere 1 million miles wide. This massive magnetic hub is what anchors our galaxy keeping all the suns together and inadvertently pulls all energy/light into it which supplies the enormous amount of fuel needed for all of our suns. 



What is a light year?  The distance that light travels in one year, which is nearly 6 trillion miles or 9 trillion kilometers. Light travels at the speed of 186,000 miles (or 300,000 km) per second, so if you could travel that fast, it would take 110,000 years to cross the Milky Way from one side to the other.



400 Billion Suns!!  Please know the number is in the billions, not millions. Meaning if you can imagine what a million suns are like, then multiply this number by 400,000. This is how huge 400 billion is. There are many other galaxies out there that have double and triple the amount of suns inside them.



1 Billion approximately. This is known because 1 out of every 400 suns have planets orbiting around them, so mathematically there are around 1 Billion Solar Systems inside our Milky Way!





Approximately 10,000.  Albert Einstein in his time crunched the numbers and he said that mathematically, the probability is that the Universe contains around 1 civilization for every 100,000 Solar Systems. He said its a 100% chance that there must exist life that is like our own on other planets in this Universe. So mathematically, there are many civilizations who are similar to us in our own Milky Way! And we thought we were sooo special!



Albert Einstein also said that the probability is 100% of highly advanced life, much more intelligent than our own.  According to Einstein's Mathematical calculations there are 10,000 civilizations in our own Milky Way galaxy, and 20-30 of these planets have technology that is far beyond our own!! This means out of 10,000 civilizations, at least 20-30 ARE HIGHLY ADVANCED and must have a technology far greater than our own!

Are you starting to feel like you're living in a Star Wars movie by now?

So perhaps you might be wondering exactly...

How many extraterrestrial civilizations EXIST in the entire Universe?

 Hmmmmm...good question. It's a great time right now to take a deep breath and relax about everything in this enormous moment.  You must expand your mind immensely to FEEL just how big our Universe is...

 If you calculate the number of potential inhabited planets in the Universe using Einstein's mathematical theory, at the minimum there are at least a quadrillion planets (1,000.000,000,000,000) with beings and active civilizations like ours in our known Universe.

Remember that these numbers are mathematical facts documented by accredited scientists. The truth is easy to believe, once you realize that mathematically, we simply cannot be the oldest Solar System out of a billion in the Milky Way. This means there are beings who live on planets around those Suns who are millions of years more advanced in technology than our own. And, there are trillions of Solar Systems in the Universe which are millions of years older than our own.

Imagine where human beings technology

will be in a million years from now...

That is exactly how advanced these beings are. They are from solar systems that are over 1 billion years ahead of ours. It is a fact that intergalactic space travel is real and we are part of an enormous Intergalactic Community from the very beginning of time.

A community of enlightened beings called the Galactic Federation has protecting us from other beings who are not so nice. They have been reaching out to us for a long time, now they are waiting for us to collectively accept them. I found an actual written message they have to "downloaded" to a woman on earth. They are asking if we are READY to accept them as part of our everyday reality and world! This may be even more crazy to believe, yet just read it and FEEL where they are coming from in their consciousness.

If you are new to the UFO world and this is all blowing your mind, its ok to be highly skeptical. Just try to keep wanting to understand, and continue opening your mind. It helps to take a deep breath and accept that there is always something to learn that we don't fully understand.

There's a great book called Nothing in this Book Is True, But It's Exactly the Way things Are. Everything in that book is true. You can feel it when you read it. Just keep exploring, there is TONS of amazing evidence out there. This truth telling book has opened my mind to understand that we are part of a conscious highly intelligent system of highly advanced beings who have seeded us here from the beginning.

These higher beings have been protecting us from destroying ourselves since our inception. In the 50's, one ET species provided us with silicon chips, lasers and higher technology in exchange for the DNA of a few thousand humans over 40 year contract with our government just to help us advance in technology a little.


And now how can you every consider again that we are the only planet in existence?

We are all continuously being fed many many lies by the media. The money greedy powers at the top of course want to hide the amazing Keshe Foundation has a plasma technology and interstellar transportation technology.

The plasma technology will soon revolutionize all energy creation, pollution, world economy, and travel. It will create a truly amazing multi-trillion dollar global healing electrified business when they realize that sharing it benefits everyone...including themselves.

The best way to liberate our planet at this point, is to free your mind and liberate yourself.  Education is the key, and informing everyone who has an open mind about the truth, will eventually create a domino effect and change the consciousness of the planet.

If we want to be a part of the Intergalactic Community, it is vital to have an understanding of just how big our Universe is. It makes it much easier to accept the fact. You will see that it is impossible that there is not life like ours on other planets.  The Universe is always MUCH bigger than you can imagine.

For example...there are over 10 billion trillion suns in this entire Universe, yet from Earth on a clear night sky, we can see only about 3000 of these suns. Our own little sun is just one of these little suns out there.  Check out how small our little milky way galaxy is and HOW HUGE a galaxy can truly become...


So just how many other Galaxies

like our Milky Way are out there? 

 You look up at night and may see dark deep nothingness, yet there is more out there than meets the eye. There is literally an entire galaxy somewhere waaaaay out there, in every direction, wherever you look into "empty space". 

If you shot a thin 1mm laser beam out into space in any direction for infinity, there's a 99.999% chance that you are going to hit not just a star, not a planet...but an entire Galaxy with billions of suns planets and life! WOW!!!

If you held the tip of a pencil up to the night sky at arms length, and pointed it in ANY DIRECTION (with a super space telescope that could see 13 billion light years away) you would come to see 3000 galaxies. Not 3000 stars...3000 galaxies in that tiny space the size of the very tip at arms length!!  Each of these galaxies contain billions of suns!! What this really means is there is more life out there than we can ever know!

Below are the actual photos the Hubble telescope took of the "deep field" that are over 13 billion light years away. The deep black "empty" point of space the size of an eraser on a pencil... and yes that space is literally FILLED with over 10,000 Galaxies!!

The deep field is the furthest we have been able to see. Here's a closer zoomed in look of what the Hubble Telescope in space actually physically photographed in that one little eraser sized speck of space!!!


Click on these 2 photos to enlarge...


So tonight... when it gets really dark and clear...go outside and look out at the skies...observe them for many hours at night in any direction, use infrared goggles and night vision glasses if you can.  There is ALOT of activity out there, much more than we can see with our naked eye. With a Universe THIS big, how could anyone
think for a moment that we are alone?


Astrophysicist  Dr. Frank Drake is a mathematical genius and has discovered an actual mathematical calculation and equation that proves that life MUST exist out there. 

He says it is not a 99% chance, yet a 100% mathematical fact that we are not alone in this vast Universe. Because each galaxy contains billions of suns, and each one with solar systems with planets revolving around them like our own, every star holds the potential for life forms such as ours.


Why on Earth Would I Want to Promote the Idea That We Are Part of an Intergalactic Community? 

(nobody is paying me to create this webpage you know?)

What's important to me in life is the truth. I have always know when someone is telling me a lie and when they are being honest. Since I was a child I've known that we could not be the only beings in this Universe.  I was fascinated by the photos I saw of UFO's and knew that humanity was unaware of something outrageously amazing flying around in the night sky. 

I've always had a scientific understanding of this world, and tended to be a skeptic before jumping in with full belief.  It wasn't until I was 35 years old however that I had documented proof of a UFO light ship. Yes, I have a photo of a real ship with me in it! How do I know its real???

Here's what happened....

In December of 2005 my family took a trip to Mexico for a Christmas vacation.  One sunset evening I was down by the pier and my wife (at the time) decided to take a picture of me.  The most bizarre thing was I distinctly remember to this day when she shot that picture that a subtle voice came into my head.  Right after she took this photo below I heard a voice saying, "There are lightships behind you."

I thought that was a weird thought to have and then didn't think anything further about it.  When I came back home next week, my web designer coincidently asked for a few "professional" photos of me to use for my Enlightened Beings Website.  

One of the photos I sent him was this one below of me standing on the pier.  He sent it back to me with a zoomed in shot of the lightship and asked if saw what was hovering behind me.  I couldn't believe is the photo I sent him below.


It's pretty obvious where the lightship is...


Do you see the separate lights forming a circle?


Check out the ships energetic aura in this zoomed shot


And even more zoomed...


So what do you think? Does this make me a "space brother"?  Hopefully.  I would love to take a tour of their homeland in one of their ships...maybe someday.  I think we all need to see each other as brothers and sisters on this planet, and all planets.  Only when we all can expand our belief systems to encompass an intergalactic mindset will we truly find world peace a reality.  

I have always known we were not alone in this vast Universe, yet the more research I did, the more I realized something truly mind blowing...and heart warming. 

Our humanity has been seeded. Human beings were brought here to be given a place to experience life.  In fact, every plant, animal and species was brought here from other planets.  We are a cosmic project, like lab mice in a DNA Petri Dish, who were given land and life on Earth from a civilization of beings that's a million+ years older than ours.

Do you know how far we have advanced in the last 100 years in technology?  Well, imagine where our technology will be at in 1 million years!

  Archeology and history books have always referred to these beings as the "Gods" and it is true, they have given us life and taken care of us before history books existed.

These enlightened beings from other worlds look similar to us in this human form, yet they are more advanced in every way.  They are our space brothers and sisters who are millions of years more evolved in their DNA, their cognitive abilities, and telepathic communication to just name a few.  We are their "children" and they have given us life. 

I have been told they have stopped us many times from destroying our entire civilization, and so without them protecting us, you definitely would not exist right now.  

If you are a UFO skeptic, please do your research.  Be skeptical as much as you possibly can, yet keep your mind open to the real facts and data presented here for we are at the dawn of a new planetary consciousness.  Everyone on our planet will one day be aware that our Earth is a participant in the Galactic Federation.

The more research you do, the more evidence you'll find that this is the real Truth.  The movies and sci-fi channels have been preparing you mentally and emotionally for it since you were a child.  Yes, ET's are real.  There is sooooo much proof out there that they have been here on earth, connecting with every civilization all around the world since the very beginning of history.

The unconscious media world has been programming your belief systems so one day you may feel comfortable with integrating this new knowledge. Do not worry, your ego is just embarrassed at how small and limited it has been and will get over it shortly...





UFOs: The Greatest Story Ever Denied

The truth is always more important to know than living in some fear based lie. We have all been led to believe in a falsely advertised fabricated fantasy created by the feds who are feeding off our labor and killing our planet with their fossil fuel money hungry system. 

If you are ready to know the truth that has been hidden from you your entire life, I met a man named James Gilliland who has had hundreds of contacts with UFO's and is visited on his land daily!

He has devoted his entire life to educating the world about the truth.  Check out his webpage and join his newsletter for a deeper understanding about how the whole world has been blinded from the truth.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to OPEN your mind, watch the mind continue to doubt, yet don't buy into it's fear based story. The mind is born with the gift of doubt, its only your Heart that truly knows what the real truth actually is...

I believe that it is very healthy to have a skeptical mind.  This means you will know the truth for certain when you hear it and that your mind will soon become an even bigger believer when it realizes the truth and reality.

 This spiral galaxy (M51) is 60,000 light years across (one light year = 5.8 trillion miles), and it has billions of suns, and is about 30 million light years from Earth.  It is one of 3 galaxies that can be seen with the naked eye, this one is near the end of the Big Dipper's handle.  The fascinating thing is that M51 is one of trillions of galaxies in this Universe!

For example, you may want to admire the work of a very well known researcher named Steven Greer and see what he's done for the world by implement a UFO Disclosure Project.  They are key on releasing the latest and greatest technological units of information which governments haven't been allowing the common public to know. 

In 2010, over 500 whistleblowers who worked on top secret U.S. government projects are retired now and all coming forward with testimonials and facts about UFO technology!  We are now in the most exciting time our planet.

It's good to know that this web page contains a tiny fraction of the data out there containing proof that our Universe contains many many unique planets with extraterrestrial beings who are millions of years more advanced in technology than our own. 

The reason that you don't hear about the reality that UFO's are real is not because of the fear it would create in the public thinking they would take over our planet, its because the government doesn't want you to know about the technology available. 

Throughout history our space brothers and sisters have been trying to enlighten us.  They have been communicating with us and educating humanity to raise our consciousness in a way we can handle it.  They are sooo much more advanced than we can imagine, and know that we can only receive this enlightening information in a form that can be felt and touched by the human hand. 

Divine sacred messages are being given to us through the symbols engraved in our fields every year.  Around one thousand of these amazing geometric configurations appear out of nowhere each summer all around the world! 

Think InterGalactically...Act Globally

The Thrive Movement to find out about the FREE ENERGY technology we can implement today to get off fossil fuels and coal for energy. This site is
amazing and has everything the planet needs to get us all involved in helping our world implement the most helpful, environmental free energy technology that will save our world from self-destruction! Know the outrageous FACTS the government was not wanting you to know!

CLICK HERE to get Involved in the Global
Awakening THRIVE movement Now!

Yes, there are many clean energy technologies of extraterrestrial origin that can replace fossil fuels.  This is why we have not been allowed to know this information until now.  


IF you are ready to blow your mind to the next level, keep reading....

I've received information from a source that wants to remain unknown, there are 1.3 trillion extraterrestrial lightships that exist in the Universe, and many are coming here to Earth to witness the shift in consciousness (from 3D to 5D) that occurred on our planet on December 21st 2012. 

This means that there exist over 1200 spaceships out there for EACH human being on the earth!  If you go out into the country away from city lights and keep your head looking up all night long, you're bound to see activity. 

There are many countries on the planet that choose not to shoot at these ships by their military, and so the lightships come down to visit these countries more frequently. Yet ultimately these ships are so fast, highly advanced and have telepathic pilots that it is  impossible for a human being to overtake one.  These ships remain cloaked and hidden from our view yet can reveal themselves to enter our dimension whenever they desire.

Below are a few UFO videos....see if you can feel and understand the difference between which is fake and which is real..


(hopefully these videos are still available as many are taken down from youtube for various reasons)


Earth Sized UFO's

UFO Dodges Missile Fired from Earth

The Famous NASA Tether Video


 UFO Live TV News in Turkey (real)

 ABC News on UFO (real)

 Close up UFO fly by (fake)

UFO shoots at Missile (real)

Amazing UFO Evidence (real)

 UFO's caught over Japan (real)!

UFO's over Arizona (real)!




One of the best forms that they've chosen to show us there exists highly intelligent ET life is through crop circles.  The sacred geometric patterns have appeared in large areas of ice up north, in hectares of trees knocked down, in bushes, sand and of course in farmers crops. 

The amazing Crop Circle Diaires DVD truly changed my has the evidence and facts about a new world we are moving into, how crop circles are created and explains in great detail who/what is creating them!!

Crop circles have always fascinated me since I was a child. I've done my research for 30+ years and have found that crop circles have appeared as far back as history books will go. Of course in recent time people have tried to create fake crop circles for public display of attention, yet they find that around 98% of crop circles are real.

The reason we know they are real is science has tested the actual DNA of the plants broken to create the circles and found they have changed in their DNA structure from radiation.

We currently have no technology on earth that can duplicate this. Another amazing fact is that the actual crop is not bent and not broken, and is bend not at the bottom of near the ground, yet midway up the stalk.

The fields of these perfect geometric designs are so enormous and appear in the middle of the night, that is truly impossible to even think that a human being could create this.

This is a Crop Circle representing our Chakra Fields Radiating through Human Consciousness it was found on 8-8-2008


For years people have reported there are bright balls of light found hovering over these circles after and before their formation.   These bright floating balls of light swirl and form these miraculous HUGE precisely designed perfectly geometric patterns over large areas in a matter of seconds.

We now have recorded evidence of how crop circles are formed.  In this short video clip you can see the balls of light swirling, and the fields dropping in the formation of the crop circle. 





View the MOST RECENT Crop Circles just created now!


 Temporary Temples

 National UFO Reporting Center

 NASA's "picture of the day"







Click Here for irrefutable scientific proof that crop circles are NOT made by humans

Perhaps another reason crop circles are created is to raise the physical frequency of the people who enter the actual center of the circle.  Those who have had the privilege of stepping into a fresh new crop circle within an hour after its made ALL experience tremendous feelings of peace, healing, and great connection with the Universe.
There are of course many many fake crop circles out there and these have their tell-tale signs of footprints, broken stalks, no DNA changes in the cells and no feelings of bliss inside. 

There is always someone out there trying to get attention. All these pictures are just a few of the thousands of temporary crop circle temples found around the world each year.  The websites below also contain thousands of photos of crop circles that are found as well.  The purpose of this webpage is to help your mind to expand and stretch past its normal belief system into one that knows ANYTHING is possible.  Read more about crop circles at this link


Enlightening Symbols Received

from our Intergalactic Community

Life can be very very radical sometimes.  In this case, the 22 symbols you will see below were actually given to a Sioux Indian by beings from another star system. 

They told him that 12 of these symbols existed in a majority of the UFO ships around our planet today. Each ship carries these beautiful and deeply profound vibrational messages for the healing future of our people and planet. 

These Enlightened Messages from space are here to awaken your potentiality, and evoke enlightenment in our mind-body. Try meditating on the symbols, you may notice you are drawn to energetically will bring about a powerful inner dimensional change in your body-mind's vibration.  

It is this vision these symbols have for mankind that will educate the consciousness of mankind, strengthen the foundation of Nations who are all in the midst of an amazing experience of creating a "thousand years of peace." 

Click Here for the full story of this out of the out-of-this-world encounter with the amazing Sioux Indian, Standing Elk.











The Cosmic Spiritual Awakening
AND Life of Jafree Ozwald

This short autobiography may give you a little clue as to who I am and what inspired me to explore the Universe in all of its dimensions...

For years as a child I was enamored by the mystical, magical and supernatural people of this world.  I had a deep curiosity to know what God was, how magic worked, and understand the path to awakening and enlightenment. This childlike curiosity remains with me to this day, and is what brought me on my journey to India to discover a profound spiritual awakening that transformed my life.

When I was 23 years old my father decided to end his life and left us some inheritance to make sure we were ok. With this money I decided to move to Hawaii and travel to India to learn about mysticism. It was a very challenging time for me emotionally, so I taught myself how to meditate, and train my body to relax completely. I highly recommend that you learn how to do this because it makes everything easier about this life.

For 2 years, I had been meditating, doing yoga and other healing practices to find some form of inner peace with my dad's suicide. In Hawaii, I met a woman named Gangaji who told me to visit a guru in India named "Papaji". This amazing man had the opportunity to sit with Ramana Maharshi, and the transmission triggered something inside me where my life has never since been the same.

   The room was filled with over 200 people and on a cold stone floor and there was not enough room to stretch out you legs. After meditating in these circumstances with Papaji for 3 weeks something happened to me. I felt an atomic bomb explode throughout my entire mind, body and being. There was nothing left inside me but a deep penetrating silence surrounding what used to be my mind. My mind/ego/identity was gone, and all that was left was a pure scintillating consciousness. 

My ego/mind was not longer believing that IT was in charge of thinking, doing, eating, sleeping, speaking, etc.  There was only a channel of creative energy passing through "me" and now nobody was left to obstruct or control the thoughts anymore.  Only a small witness remained who was connected to the entire Universe of existence. This speck of consciousness knew without any doubt, that there was only ONE being here and the "I" was already one with everyone and everything. 

Thoughts still happened to me, yet "I" was no longer behind the steering wheel trying to manage and control them. Attending to desires, fears, or dreams was not nearly as intriguing as resting into this divine super peaceful enlightening God Presence that was radiating from inside. 

Everywhere I walked or traveled was a life changing extraordinary experience. Every breath was totally healing and food tasted like it was made for Gods. I had the feeling like I was constantly being breathed by God. It was truly an experience of living heaven on earth.  I realized that heaven is available here now. It is a state of no-mind where we are not longer identified with "me and mine" but rather understanding how intimately we are the ONE unified being. 

This bright lucid enlightening experience from my first Spiritual Awakening only lasted a few months, because I moved back to Europe and I got caught up in other people's dramas, making money, and the stress of being married. My awakened consciousness slowly faded out as my ego crept back in. I needed to return to India to meditate again.

This time I decided to visit the tree where Buddha sat under and experienced his awakening and meditate for 3 more weeks again! What happened became the most amazing life transforming experience of my entire life.  I started to experience many magical mystical occurrences which you can read about in my in depth autobiography.

Through the years of falling back asleep and reawakening, I've discovered the formula for maintaining this enlightened state. As long as I continue to eat raw, drink my organic Green Juice, do a daily practice of Samadhi Yoga and Meditate daily, I can continue operating at this higher state of Samadhi consciousness. Which means I no longer get wrapped up in any form of suffering.

The body is the foundation for the mind. When the body is purified the mind can see clearly. Through this clean diet and meditation practice, I am able to see beyond it, above it, and through it. I can see how all suffering is created by the mind and realize that I am not the mind. I know I am not this "inner world" nor this "outer world".  I am beyond them both.  

I was blessed at 44 years old to discover the divine enlightening world of Tantra not by accident, yet I asked the Universe for a real tantric teacher who could awaken my shakti from within.  I was blessed to meet the most spiritually deep and beautiful Tantric Goddess named Mira Malin Dakini. She is amazing and a true healer and awakening being for me on every level.

"There are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance. Everything you're experiencing is a direct manifestation of where you're focusing your energy, attention and consciousness." ~ Jafree

Through Tantra, I've discovered that life is meant to be enjoyed. We are built for pleasure because we were al born from an orgasm. So I choose to live my life as if it were a perfect balance of the joyous, expressive free Zorba the Greek (the ultimate party) and Gautama the Buddha (the ultimate meditator). 

I find that the best meditation now is the combination of sitting perfectly still like a statue AFTER being sensually intertwined, spiritually intimate, falling into deep relaxation, while letting go of all masks, fears and ambitions with your partner in a deep profound Tantric Intimate Experience.

I feel that the path of experiencing God thought sex can only be found through awakening your Kundalini. The Kundalini is the sexual portal to God. It is that energy which opens you to bliss and inspires, energizes and enlightens you on every level. The sex activity in itself is meant to awaken the Kundalini, yet it only happens when the person has a super green clean diet and is doing yoga and meditating daily.

 Through my years of traveling around the world, visiting 25 different countries and permanently living in 5 different countries, I've realized how precious humanity is. We are amazing beings who have simply forgotten who we are. We have lost touch with our sacred sexuality and our connection to God. There is nothing actually wrong with us. We were born perfect beings. We are just taught to believe that we are limited and that we must struggle through life, yet truly we are divine beings of light and unlimited on every level.

Through the practice of self-realization we can stop all forms of suffering. We can understand that there is nothing we need to fix, no ego to get rid of, no spiritual practice to perform to attain a some higher spiritual goal. We realize that we are already awake, already God beings who are enlightened and fully living in the present moment, spontaneously following wherever our spirit guide tells us to go.

To this day, I continue my travel and practice my mission of helping enlighten the planet though my Enlightened Beings website and online Manifestation Program. What I've discovered from my life of seeking truth has transformed my inner and outer world so deeply that I decided to devote my entire life to teaching a billion people around this world what it takes to awaken.  It will take time, yet we will eventually get there.

I've surrendered my life to the highest possible purpose a human being can take on. To ascend while living still in the body by purifying the body and enlightening our consciousness. What has come though me as a result of this long spiritual quest is my 90 day Super Manifestation Program which contains a treasure chest of manifesting exercises that actually work.

 I've got 150+ Testimonials from people who have manifested the most amazing things with this program. There are many manifesting meditations, a 250 page manifesting manual, ecourses, videos, and a manifestation formula that is 100% GUARANTEED to skyrocket your vibration so you start manifesting your dream life! 

I believe that when we are in alignment with our passion, purpose, life mission and living from our highest consciousness, we naturally and effortlessly manifest the life of our dreams. It just happens... the moment we awaken this divine understanding of who and what we truly are, our energy field changes and everything we desire begins to come into our life easily and effortlessly. If you're interested in reading more intimate details about my life you can check out my FULL autobiography. 

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There is a global wave of enlightenment already in progress.  The world is simply waiting for YOU to join.  How to dive in?  Be very quiet, still and rest in your innermost being. Get curious that you are this God-Source, and it is everywhere around you and within you.   Soon you will FULLY realize that within the center of your innermost core you are an eternal being who is infinitely connected to a Source of unlimited intelligence, power and potential energy! 

Much love to you,

Jafree Ozwald


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